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 For Coaching, Consulting, or Speaking Requests, Send An Email To DGRANT@DRANTSMITH.COM With What You’re Wanting In The Subject Line.

About Me

Success In Music & Life Is A Matter Of Relationship Building, Communications, & Valuing People

It’s really that simple.

Yet many creative entrepreneurs and business leaders miss this. Why?

They think it’s about trying to grab a TON of followers all at once. That’s the common route, and one that fails. I’m not interested in failing, nor am I interested in telling you what doesn’t work.

Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone in music media on exactly how to get radio airplay, build your music brand, connect with specific people and built a tribe of super fans?


That’s what I do as a coach and consultant for you. It’s a practice I call Growth Farming.

If you want to win with your music or business, I’d love to work with you on growing the right connections through relationships and networks.

Here’s what I’m not going to do, just so we’re clear: Review or Accept Music Submissions On This Site.

If you found my site and thought “Hey, I’ll send this guy my music” that’s not going to be very effective. If you read one of my posts or followed a link here to see how to submit music, the best course of action for you is to dive head first into The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook.

Subsequently, if you want even more help with building your networking powerhouse of contacts, jump in the Indie Radio Promotion Course. I walk you through everything in the Radio Handbook and give you even more to win with your music growth through radio and media promotions. Details on the course are below.

About Me (Who Is This Goateed Dude Anyway?)

bw head shotMusic/Life Coach Stuff: Growth Farming For Musicians, Creative Startups and Entrepreneurial Businesses

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to grow a garden (or even 1 tomato), you understand the beauty and stress involved in process. Growth isn’t something that happens overnight, for gardening or for development of your entity. There are several factors you have to be clear on, prepare for, and pieces to get right for the best fruit to be harvested.

I help you identify those factors, gain clarity, increase your leverage so you can achieve real growth. Growth leads to more success, both financially as well as your reach, name recognition, and the way you feel about your work.

Audience growth is MUCH more than showing you how to grow some inexplicable number of fans. Instead, we’ll focus on going after a specific type of fan, one follows you AND supports your work. I’m talking about developing an audience of your Super Fans and increasing them to bring you long term success.

TARSLogoTM2014Indie Radio Help From A Syndicated Host

I’m the creator and host of The Appetizer Radio Show. The 2 hour weekly program showcases indie  and unsigned artists, originating in 2003 (before indie music was something radio stations payed any attention to). Over the years I’ve worked with, interviewed, and showcased countless unsigned, DIY and indie musicians to help them establish and grow their audiences.

If You Want To Learn How To Be Featured On Media Like Radio, Blogs, Podcasts…….

get radio airplay music submissions submit music for internet airplayThe “how did you do that?” lessons from these experiences developed a powerful network of media influencers, music curators, startup businesses, and others that I continue to connect and work with. This growth strategy paved the way for me to show and teach you how to build strong networks, which is a big part of the Indie Radio Promotion Course. Click here to get in and I’ll teach you how to grow your network using radio airplay.


Speaking Gigs and Events

My work with musicians, entrepreneurs, and organizations large and small have helped cultivate the system of building powerful teams that I call Growth Farming For Success. Currently, I’m presenting the Growth Farming For Success Seminar and Workshop to organizational businesses across the country. For more information, and to book your company/organizational session, click here.

If you’d like to book me to speak at your event on subjects related to relationship-building, networking, marketing, radio promotion, music marketing, or organizational culture send an email to dgrant@dgrantsmith.com.

Other Stuff I’m Passionate About

That’s what I do professionally or a living. But that’s not all there is to me. I’m also a musician (drummer) and a community builder (working with nonprofits).

Other passions of mine that I will talk about on this blog and in conversation include Batman (particularly the Dark Knight trilogy)  other super hero movies, great books (both fiction and nonfiction), craft beer, boxing, football (particularly Alabama and the Texans), uncommon people, amazing stories, and great conversations.