Every indie, unsigned, and DIY musician struggles with getting noticed, particularly by radio & media. If that’s you, there is finally a book that gives an actual step-by-step process to effective radio promotion. You’ll also learn effective networking secrets, relationship building, and audience growth tips to truly boost your music growth.

The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook covers everything you need to be your own music promoter, & to hire the best people to do the job for you when you’re ready to outsource your music marketing.

Discover How Radio Promotion Works Best AND What Steps To Take To Get MORE Than Just Radio Airplay.

Learn An Easy, Step-By-Step Process To Gain Radio & Media Influencers’ Interest.

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Music Industry & Radio Professionals Are Among The Biggest Fans Of This New Book. Here’s What They Are Saying About It:

Andrew Apanov
Andrew Apanov

I have to confess. I had been skeptical on how effective radio promotion is for indie artists in 2016. D Grant’s book made me seriously rethink that idea. It’s an essential reading for any music act new to the world of radio promotion. If radio stations started sending a link to D Grant’s book in response to every irrelevant pitch they get from a musician, we would be hearing more good music on our radio. -Andrew Apanov, Dotted Music



Andrea Young

“D Grant Smith gives solid advice and a treasure trove of tips, along with a healthy dose of inspiration, to DIY musicians looking to navigate what it takes to get their music heard on the radio.  Well thought out and well structured, D Grant shares his years of experience and what worked for him – and can work for you – to get attention in the crowded field of radio play.
-Andrea Young, host/founder of Aspenbeat Radio



Jesse Barnett
Jesse Barnett

“D Grant has written an eye opening book for independent musicians about the REAL truths and pitfalls for getting their music heard, played and loved. It’s not as simple as “I send the music, they play the music.” He honestly puts forth that there’s a lot of work to get yourself exposed and grow your base, and you have to decide whether or not you have that dedication beyond just making the music itself. If you’re willing to put in the effort, this is a great guide to help you on your way.” -Jesse Barnett, owner of Right Arm Resource

What are musicians saying about the book? Here’s one example of an artist who got results just days into the Radio Handbook Method:

My own experience: after two years of reaching out to radio show hosts with token results, I nailed three “thanks for reaching out . . . sure, I’d love a CD!” responses, and two on-air interviews for my band—in three days, and only three weeks before they went on tour.” –K Sharpe, jazz musician


How Does This Book Benefit Musicians AND Members Of The Entrepreneurial Business Space? This video illustrates how everything here applies to what you’re working on (regardless of the industry). It’s a speech I recently gave that explains the main points from the book, and how you can take those points to win big today.


DGS_RadioHandbook_Cover-1AMore Insight & FAQ On The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook

Is this book just for musicians or can others gain insights into how to build better relationships to grow?

The title points to a particular audience (DIY Musicians), but the principles and method illustrated here can be adapted by anyone who is creating something they want to share with others in their field. Smith, who is a musician AND an entrepreneur, business owner, creative startup, & media professional used old-fashioned methods to build alliances with key people in his industry.

These methods come down to relationship building that establish communication as a pillar of connection, and lead to long term benefits for everyone involved.

Can non-musicians gain perspective and methods for growing their projects or businesses using this book?

Yes, they certainly can. Musicians are mostly creative first, with looking at building relationships for growth as an after-thought. When creatives embrace the process of networking for growth, greater results are possible. Non-creatives can benefit from these principles to gain influential individuals and organizations in their field for maximum growth opportunities.

Is the book intended to primarily help musicians go from being unknown to widely celebrated by media and music influencers?

Yes it is. Musicians will certainly benefit from the insights, wisdom, perspective, principles, and action-steps will give them the road-map to gain radio and media attention AND build powerful networking relationships for long-term benefits.

How complicated is the process explained in this book? Will the book take long to read and implement the principles?

The process is very easy, it’s just not what most marketers are doing to grow. Actually, this book shows you how to build connections with real people, what things to do to get people talking to you and what to avoid when reaching out to people you don’t know. There are specific things presented for you to try, and specific things to avoid doing so that you get the most out of your outreach to radio and media.

The amount of time it takes you to read the book is entirely on the you the reader. To save you time, the book is presented in short segments, illustrating a step-by-step process. For best results, read the entire book cover to cover. You can take the book in segments to gain good results from individual pieces, then modify the methods to fit your individual communication style.

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