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We all search for Love & Happiness.

But how can you have love or happiness after the end of a relationship you thought was forever?

Strong and healthy relationships are what we all want in life. But some relationships end in tragedy. In my own personal journey, I’ve transformed from the hell of heartbreak into living a wholeness lifestyle.

Along the way, I learned powerful tools & methods I share with you in my Be Solid book. These tools include:

  • Recovery from the emotional trauma of loss and heartbreak that causes you to give up on yourself, not trust other people, and operate out of fear & insecurity

  • Where to find a true safe space to deal with internal conflict

  • Changes in decision-making and choices that lead to more healthy relationships

  • Clarity on steps to heal your mind and heart despite the brokenness that seems impossible to fix

  • Overcoming self-defeatist mindsets that block your growth and keep you trapped in loss and heartache

  • Getting away from toxic people who keep you from believing in yourself and loving yourself fully

  • Creating healthy boundaries to operate with respect for yourself

  • How to find the love you’re looking for and experience the joys that come from a real loving relationship

  • and a WHOLE lot more!

Learn how to completely transform your life and your relationships with this book through the power of self-Love with this amazing book!

Pain and brokenness is not the end

The truth I discovered through heartbreak is that LOVE is the answer. That’s where the restoration comes from. It’s how you heal and become the best version of you.

You’ve heard the teaching, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Yet we’re taught by teachers, parents and society that self-love is greed, conceit, and arrogance. So we hide our true selves, deflect compliments, and don’t honor who we truly are.

We’re conditioned to practice codependent patterns to seek Love and acceptance from others. Which leads to more and more suffering in our self-concept, self-worth, and troubles in relationships.

We’re not taught how to love ourselves. Which makes experiencing pain and heartbreak so agonizing. But learning how to love yourself fully and wholly is the key to healing, restoration, and living your best life.

Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole is the culmination of this healing journey. It’s a guide for how to heal, rebuild yourself and birth a new life without pain, fear or regret.

This book includes the tools to restore your heart and mind to new levels.

be solid is changing lives healing heartbreak emotional pain relationships divorce

Here’s what readers & reviewers are saying:

“The overall book has a great message, one that I believe anyone can benefit from.  I particularly enjoyed chapter 23, Time is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy, in which D Grant addresses taking space for healing through reflection.  Something I feel can be applied to many areas of life. As a visual person, I quite liked the descriptive metaphors. I found the content to be relatable even though I am not personally suffering from heartbreak.  There is a lot here that is uplifting and promotes much-needed self-care and determination in life.”

Tiffany Owen-Ray, blogger/writer at Ethereal Empathy  

Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell and Come Out Whole is a great tool for anyone with the desire to improve own their lives, relationships, and restore balance through practical practices and personal experience. It’s a treasure trove of information and a fantastic guide to becoming a better version of yourself.  For me Be Solid was an incredible read, and an important reminder for boundaries, balance, and wholeness.”

Stephanie Prosser, artist & entrepreneur

“Be Solid has practical, tangible tools to go through universal problems of struggles and overcome fear. Quick chapters to tackle these overwhelming problems in bite-size pieces. It’s already helping me!”

Kirk Hancock, counselor, and therapist

“I can sum up this book in one word, “WOW”. Powerful read. D Grant has found a way to keep your attention after every page. Let’s be honest, if you read the book it’s because you were searching for something yourself. He has a unique way of making you feel like he’s walking your journey with you. When you get to a point where you may feel lost and out of hope, this is a great build to build a foundation for the future. SOLID work D Grant.”

Mike Rozell, Vice President Alamo Title Houston

“D Grant Smith shows us all what it means to Be Solid.  His book outlines skills that will help you power through all of life’s haymakers. The easy to understand language and  valuable insight provide tremendous support when dealing with the struggles and trials of life.  You will not be sorry that you read this book.”

Josh Fleming, investment specialist and financial advisor

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