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Here’s a quote that illustrates the power of transforming your inner garden to bring about transformation in your reality. “Flowing water never decays.” I first heard this teaching from Wayne Dyer talking about getting into the flow of Spirit.

Over the past four months, I’ve been studying a lot of Neville Goddard, Florence Shinn, and Ernest Holmes. They were the pioneers of teaching modern metaphysics and the law of attraction.

They all teach about states of consciousness and how to shift into higher states to create the life you desire. 

Florence is big on the power of words and thoughts. Neville is big on combining thought and feeling. Ernest is very condensed in his methods and uses a combination of both thought, belief, and feeling.

All of them teach that the power to create is in the mind and heart. 

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Why creation is not in circumstances or experiences 


We’re all too often shaped and conditioned by what our senses tell us.

What we see, hear, taste, touch, or feel is how we think things are.

Yet it’s the inner world (the garden of your mind and heart) that actually creates your outer world.

Using their teachings (Neville, Ernest, and Florence), the Bible is full of insights and directions on the creative power inside all of us to make the world as we imagine it.

Yet we’re conditioned to not trust our imaginations. 

Jesus said to be like children as we come to God. To come with complete trust and faith.

Also, the mind of a child is one of infinite openness to possibilities and the belief that wonders are normal things.

As we get older, we’re taught to come down to earth or think rationally, letting our imaginations alone. 

This conditioning stagnates our creative abilities because it blocks the divine flow of Love and creativity.

The Divine says that all things are possible.


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Stuck water decays because it becomes stagnant


The ego or intellect wants safety and security, but not necessarily peace and abundance. It wants only to survive. Status-quo is therefore its main objective.

The survival mechanism isn’t a tool for growth and thriving. Often times this survival mechanism will try to keep you stuck in the past. Repeating stories of painful experiences and then telling that this is how life really is.

This is the real enemy spoken of in scripture, not some external evil that is trying to harm you. It’s the negative, destructive thoughts of limitation and fear that create mini-worlds of destruction and pain. 

Everything comes from within, not from without. Meaning, all that we see and experience is the fruit of the inner workings of humankind.

The subconscious is reflecting back to us what is inside it by projecting the thoughts and feelings on the screen of the world.  


This leads us to ask some very essential questions 


How do we remove the decay and limiting beliefs inside this river of our minds?

Can you change your inner consciousness to operate from the divine infiniteness of all possibilities?

How can someone who has experienced painful heartbreak, poverty, and struggle escape these conditions to experience blissful relationships, prosperity, and ease? 


What some great teachers have to say about this


“Man awake is under compulsion to express his subconscious impressions. If in the past he unwisely impressed himself, then let him begin to change his thought and feeling, for only as he does so will he change his world. Turn from appearances and assume the feeling that would be yours were you already the one you wish to be. Feeling a state produces that state.”Neville Goddard, Feeling Is The Secret 


“Power is, and mind is, and life is; but they have to flow through us in order to express in our lives. We are dealing with law; and nature must be obeyed before it will work for us. We provide the thought form around which the divine energies play and to which they attract the conditions necessary for the fulfillment of the thought.  When we give a treatment this is all that we have to do but before we can do even this we have to clear our minds of all fear, of every sense of separation from the Divine Mind. Nothing can happen to use that is not first an accepted belief in our own consciousness.  There is something which waits only our recognition to spring into being, bringing with it all the power in the universe.”Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind and Success


“We are told in the fifty-fifth Psalm, to ‘cast thy burden upon the Lord.’ Many passages in the Bible state that the battle is God’s not man’s and that man is always to ‘stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.’ The superconscious mind (or Christ within) is the department which fights man’s battles and relieves him of burdens. It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious, as the reasoning mind (the intellect) is limited in its conceptions and filled with doubts and fears. How scientific it then is, to cast the burden upon the superconscious mind (or Christ within) where it is ‘made light’ or dissolved of its native nothingness.”Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game Of Life and How To Play It


The fruit of life comes from the garden of the mind and heart


You must change your impression of yourself and your conditions internally.

This is the work of the individual, not any outside influence or event. 

The transformation we all want to experience is an internal process of clearing out our minds of all that produces beliefs in lack and shortage, limitations and scarcity, fear and doubt. 

This is a conscious choice to make on a daily basis to address yourself with Grace and gentleness, not hostility and frustration. 


Grace and gentleness are feeling states


The subconscious mind, which is molding your outward experiences through what you plant inside with your thoughts and feelings, is the soil in which the seeds you plant take root.

It’s a combination of thought and feeling which produce the fruits of your life. 

That’s why the focus of everything I teach with Growth Farming is on the heart and mind garden, the feeling and the thoughts. 

The inner work is the spiritual component. It is the river of life that flows from within.

As your soul harmonizes with Love using your heart and mind, transformation occurs.

We can block and hinder the infinite spirit from doing its divine work if we maintain beliefs of limitation and scarcity, or of doubt and fear. 


Love is abundant and always giving


Yet if we don’t allow ourselves to believe in this truth, we will create experiences that conform to the internal conditioning of the subconscious mind that has only been given figurative weeds and thorns.

All life inside is constantly striving for survival against such negative thoughts and feelings. 

The way out of this is to become aware of what is pervasive inside your inner garden.

Are you constantly questioning your worthiness of Love, happiness, or success? 

Do you feel and believe (consciously or unconsciously) that your worth is validated by the actions and attitudes of other people towards you?

If so, it’s ok. We all are conditioned to believe that our experiences are what is real and what is true. But that’s not how life actually is.


Everything is a reflection of your inner state of consciousness


Your conditioned beliefs shape your consciousness, which then shapes your experiences. 

What is inside of you is reflected on the screen of the human experience. Or as Neville teaches, “Everything and everyone is YOU PUSHED OUT.

So what can you do to change your state of consciousness?

What is the key to transforming your inner world to reflect your wishes fulfilled in the realm of your senses?

Believe and trust in the power of Divine Love. And know that this Love is already inside of you.


Cultivating Love from your inner garden is the key 


This practice still requires my active conscious participation in clearing out beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes of that don’t serve my highest good.

So that the Divine Love of peace, abundance, and success can flow freely and fluidly throughout my life, relationships, business, and endeavors. 

It also requires commitment and consistency. All transformation and change is a process.

Anyone seeking instant and immediate results needs to first focus on your inner garden as being the main thing. As your feelings and thoughts change, your outer world reflects this back to you.

It all begins with a choice. A conscious choice. An inner decision. 


Only you can make this choice and change


Once you begin, be faithful to yourself and to the process of clearing out your mind from anything that doesn’t serve you. 

Being conscious of what you are planting inside yourself allows you to experience growing Love from within.

Accept yourself as you are right now. This is Grace. This is Love.

If you feel bad or have negative feelings, do not reject yourself. Accept yourself.

“It’s Ok, I Love You,” is a beautiful affirmation that clears negativity because you send Love to yourself.

Love overcomes all fear. 


Send Love to yourself at all times


Love is abundant. If you find yourself thinking in terms of limitations or scarcity, change your thoughts to those of plenty and abundance.

Find a place to walk outside and notice the abundance of grass, trees, birds, clouds, or anything in nature. Breathe in this abundance and give thanks for it. Gratitude is an attraction force.

If you notice that you have inner thoughts of negativity towards yourself, change them with affirmations.

Affirmations are declarations of Love that plant seeds inside yourself for the tree of Life to grow from within you.

You cultivate these seeds with meditation and journaling to produce the changes you want.

Your inner transformation is then reflected back to you with abundant Love, happiness, and prosperity.

This is the key to having the life of your dreams. 


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