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We continue putting together our essential Growth Farming toolkit with something that’s easy to access: nature. This series of posts expands on simple and practical ways to grow into the best version of yourself.

It’s also what I showcase in a more expanded capacity on the Growth Farming podcast including practical steps to take to use these tools in your everyday life.

By taking action, and not just reading/listening to these insights, you’ll experience profound and powerful growth into the best version of yourself.

The power that’s all around you

Last time I shared with you the power of affirmations to completely transform your life. I shared some insights into how affirmations have impacted my journey.

And I gave you some affirmations you can use to transform your life. More examples and a detailed process of using all the tools found in this series are also found inside my book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole.

On the last podcast episode, we looked at some affirmations you can use daily to rewrite your inner narrative and completely change your self-concept.

This time, we’re going to talk about another incredibly powerful practice that will help calm your mind to gain clarity, peace, and direction: walking in nature.

Today’s tool is probably the most simple.

All you need to do is go outside.

And walk. 

Let your full self experience the power and the peace of nature.

nature waterfall trees forest personal growth grounding
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Embrace the full experience nature provides

“But what do I do while I’m walking?”

The full experience is about bringing all four parts of your humanness into the present moment. This is your heart, mind, body and spirit.

Look around you. Pay attention to what you see.

Breathe in the air with deep breaths. Nature is also a great place to meditate (another essential tool in our Growth Farming toolkit).

Feel your experience with your senses.

Notice the trees, birds, sunlight, clouds.

If you’re close to the ocean (my dream walking area), notice the waves and the sand and the sounds.

Feel the breeze. Be present with nature. And be grateful for it.

If you’ve got a ton of stuff on your mind, let the atmosphere of nature help you let go of everything. Surrender it.

Ground yourself in the atmosphere of the abundance of nature around you. 

The power of grounding in nature

If you notice on an electrical line, there’s a positive and negative flow of energy. There’s also a grounding wire. Why is that?

The grounding wire creates a balanced flow. Our bodies and minds operate the same way.

We need to ground ourselves to release emotions, mental energy, and be able to foster connection with our source (aka God or Almighty Love).

One of the best places to ground yourself is in nature.

Here are some practical steps to take to foster this kind of grounding.

If you can find a place to sit down outside in nature, do it. Just sit for a moment and be present with yourself.

Be present with nature.

I usually go to a park on my walks and stop to observe nature. It’s also a great place to meditate. Again meditation is the second piece of the Essential Growth Farming Toolkit. You can also listen to the podcast episode covering it here.

The more you connect with nature and let go of all the stuff that’s taking up space in your mind, the more freedom you will feel. And the more grounded you are.

Ground yourself in this amazing way to open up your mind, heart, body and spirit to receive the blessings, Love and abundance that await you.

It’s really that simple and really that beautiful.

Share your experiences

Spend some time in nature today. And share with me what you’ve experienced. I’d especially Love to see pictures of your nature trek.

Feel free to post them to my Facebook or Instagram pages, or comment below.

Thanks and looking forward to connecting more with you.