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Personal Transformation Grown Right

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Your heart and your mind is a garden. What you plant inside yourself with your thoughts, beliefs and patterns produce fruit in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors.

This metaphor plays a huge role in everything I’ll share with you.

It’s what I call Growth Farming.

This is the method and system I use and teach to nurture success in every area of life. It is a practice of planting, cultivating, and nurturing seeds of love, success, and abundance to produce the fulfillment of your life and dreams. All of my work is about helping you do more of that. It’s what you’ll find here.

What’s Here For You:

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Books: Grow your relationship building abilities, improve your communication, and create new opportunities for growth and success both personally and professionally.

Private Coaching: Experience the transformation that happens with personal development, accountability, actionable methods, and tools to move your life and career forward.

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What People Are Saying About Working With Me:


alex russell entrepreneur“D Grant is able to dive deeper, to explore and discuss the reasons that are hindering peak performance in everyday life. We talked through confidence, mental blocks and style. We moved on to skills, affirmations, and daily routines that have not only allowed my career goals to blossom but have grown me personally each day. My work with D Grant has been invaluable to me in life and business, and I’m eternally thankful to the Growth Farmer for the skills and advice that each day produce a
better me.”

Alex Terrell Russell, co-owner of Oddly Natural Marketing & Branding Co.


“D has a unique gift – the ability to love almost endlessly. Very few are capable of giving so much of themselves without draining their own emotional well, and even among those who can, D’s well seems to run even deeper. But what truly makes D a unique mentor is his ability to teach others how to find that well within themselves. Whether you need to access that well to irrigate your professional life, your friendships, or even your own self love, I can almost guarantee that D would be among the first in line to roll up his sleeves and start digging alongside you.”

Ashley Miranda, entrepreneur and writer


“D Grant has been helping me curb my negative mindset and fight the self-deprecating thought patterns I built into myself over my lifetime. He has helped me build better habits and constructive methods in order to achieve my fullest potential and become the person and musician that I know I can be.

Not only has he helped better how I think and feel about myself but he has also helped me learn how to show proper appreciation and gratitude towards others, something I struggled with previously. I am incredibly indebted to him and grateful for our work together. We still have more work to do but I am looking forward to our journey. 🙂

If you are ever in need of a life/mindset coach or are looking to change your perspective on the struggles life throws at you, I highly recommend his services.”

Jon Pattie, musician & artist


How you see yourself and the nature of your heart/mind garden determines how you live, work, and build relationships with others for success.d grant smith motivational speaker empowering be solid

Overcome your fears. Grow your confidence.  Take your life & career into fruitful and prosperous places.

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