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Relationships are the key to your growth and success.

This is true in your personal and professional life.

It all begins with your relationship with yourself, who you decide to BE.

BE the best you there is.

I’ll show you how right here & give you opportunities to grow with me directly.


By learning and using my Growth Farming method for your life and relationships you’ll live your best life possible. Experience real empowerment, direction, clarity, and the LOVE that creates real transformation in every area of your life.

Do you want to recover from past wounds and relationship trauma? Do you struggle with fears, doubts, and that inner critic that tells you that you can’t, or you’re not good enough?

You’re in the right place. I help people like you transform into the best version of you. 

Which means I help you become a badass giant killer!

What does the Goliath in your life look like? Everyone struggles with internal and external Goliaths, not just dudes named David.

Internal Goliaths look like self-doubt, fear, worry and feeling like you’re not good enough.

Negative self talk & internal struggles are part of the human story.

External Goliaths look like broken relationships, struggles gaining success in business, and lack of peace in your life.


Here’s something you already know:

Life is going to throw some hard punches at you. You’ll face challenges and trials you’re not expecting. They don’t have to overwhelm you. Instead, they can be the vehicle for you to live your best life.


How to BE the best version of you

Being the best version of you creates the life and relationships of your dreams. My mission is to teach & empower you to reach your full potential. That means living life on your terms, owning your voice and operating out of your superpower.

By teaching and equipping you to see the powerhouse that you are and learning how to love yourself fully. When you operate from your superpowers, you can conquer any challenge or difficulty.

Basically, I love people and want to see you win the day. Everyday!

If conquering obstacles, recovering from negative experiences and bettering yourself is what you want, this is how I can help you. 


Let’s talk about real growth for a second

Life is like a garden. What you plant inside yourself when times are good and when they feel terrible determine your growth or your decline. No one is immune from dealing with challenges, difficulties, or even heartbreak. But these trials don’t have to stop you from having the life you dream of.

Actually, these challenges can be the catalyst that creates the best version of you.

When you learn to embrace challenges as opportunities instead of trials.

Here is a combination of practical tools, resources, and a personal approach to self-love & growth.

  • If you want to go the do-it-yourself route with the tools available, you can do that.
  • If you want some training on how to use the tools available here, you can do that too (see Coarses & Programs).
  • And if you want a personal, customized pathway to overcoming your Goliaths to become the best version of you, we can do that together! See the Coaching & Consulting Program link below.

Solutions for how to take on any challenge (the Goliaths you face) here:

Relationships are a main aspect in all of our lives. Enriching and cultivating healthy relationships creates your biggest successes.

In the Growth Farming coaching and consulting program, I help business leaders and professionals build stronger teams and company culture without forcing staff to endure boring meetings and disengagement. They also grow in leadership, communication, and powerful people skills.

On the flip side, broken relationships can have tragic and damaging effects to your outlook on life and your self-perception. This pain negatively impacts your relationships with family & friends, job performance, sense of peace and well-being.

In the Be Solid book and coaching program, I help divorcees and individuals recover from the trauma of heartbreak so they can move on, trust themselves again and attract the partner of their dreams.


Want more? Read on.


Personal Transformation Grown Right

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Your heart and your mind is a garden. What you plant inside yourself with your thoughts, beliefs and patterns produce fruit in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors.

This metaphor plays a huge role in everything I’ll share with you.

It’s what I call Growth Farming.

This is the method and system I use and teach to nurture success in every area of life. It is a practice of planting, cultivating, and nurturing seeds of love, success, and abundance to produce the fulfillment of your life and dreams.

What’s Here For You:

Be A Part Of The Growth Farming Tribe: Join into my weekly newsletter to get a personal and direct connection for growth by ways of stories, giveaways, insights, and wisdom from the road to success.

Books: Grow your relationship building abilities, improve your communication, and create new opportunities for growth and success both personally and professionally.

Online Training Course: Take the teachings and principles from my Be Solid book and learn practical tools for improving your personal well-being, inner-peace, decision-making, relationships (friends, family, romance, mentors and support system), faith and spiritual walk, and much more in this online course for healing relationships and transforming yourself. 

Private Coaching: Experience the transformation that happens with personal development, accountability, actionable methods, and tools to move your life and career forward.

Coaching programs are set up for specific results that lead you to overcoming your biggest challenges to grow in key areas of your life and career.

These coaching programs are customized just for you. That’s the difference in working directly with me.

What’s the best option for your growth right now? Let’s look at the options together with what you’re wanting to grow in.

I work with students in a variety of ways. Your growth and transformation is my ultimate objective and intention. T

he best way to see what will be ideal for you is for us to meet and talk together.

Set up a free 15 minute call now so we can meet, talk, and get your direction on your growth path today.


What People Are Saying About Working With Me:




“D Grant certainly has a true gift for helping people!” -Joy Ellinger, Johnson & Johnson sales/client representative





alex russell entrepreneur“D Grant is able to dive deeper, to explore and discuss the reasons that are hindering peak performance in everyday life. My work with D Grant has been invaluable to me in life and business, and I’m eternally thankful to the Growth Farmer for the skills and advice that each day produce a
better me.”

Alex Terrell Russell, co-owner of Oddly Natural Marketing & Branding Co.


“D Grant has a unique gift – the ability to love almost endlessly. Very few are capable of giving so much of themselves without draining their own emotional well. What truly makes D a unique mentor is his ability to teach others how to find that well within themselves. Whether you need to grow your professional life, your friendships, or even your own self love, I can guarantee that D would be among the first in line to roll up his sleeves and start digging alongside you.”

Ashley Miranda, entrepreneur and writer


“Personal development has been a new area of my life but one I am incredibly passionate about now. I am loving the never-ending pursuit of my ‘best self’! This growth has made me realize I’ve lived with a negative mindset for a long time (although I was really good at telling myself I wasn’t, ha!) and sometimes you need someone else to shake you to realize the rut you’re stuck in. Thank you for the guidance, D Grant!”

Jon Pattie, musician & artist


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The nature of your heart/mind garden determines your inner peace, growth & relationships.

Overcome your fears. Grow your confidence. 

Take your life & career into fruitful and prosperous places.

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