About Me & Contact

D Grant Smith (minus the signature goatee)

Success In Music & Life Is A Matter Of Love As The Guiding Force Of Your Life, Relationship Building, & Valuing People

It’s really that simple.

Yet so many folks think success is a matter of attracting the masses, becoming famous, and being a celebrity. Why?

Because the masses and pop culture have convinced people that’s how you find fulfillment and success. But it’s not true.

Your heart is a garden. What you put in and nurture is what you’re produce. And what you produce will determine how successful you are at anything.

What I do is help artists & creative people have more peace, love, and wholeness in their lives so that they can cultivate strong relationships with both their audience and influencers for growth & success in their careers and in their lives.

I do this through writing this blog as well as writing books (click here for available titles).

I also teach musicians through online courses and work one-on-one through private coaching/consulting. Email me for details (dgrant@dgrantsmith.com) or book your session here.


Here’s what I’m not going to do, just so we’re clear: Review or Accept Music Submissions On This Site.

Let’s Build A Relationship Together

Here’s a little bit of insight into me  (and a little about my unique philosophies):

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to grow a garden (or even 1 tomato), you understand the beauty and stress involved in process.

Growth isn’t something that happens overnight, for gardening or for development of your entity. There are several factors you have to be clear on, prepare for, and pieces to get right for the best fruit to be harvested.

I help you identify those factors, gain clarity, increase your leverage so you can achieve real growth. Growth leads to more success, both financially as well as your reach, name recognition, and the way you feel about your work.

Audience growth is MUCH more than showing you how to grow some inexplicable number of fans. Instead, we’ll focus on going after a specific type of fan, one follows you AND supports your work. I’m talking about developing an audience of your Super Fans and increasing them to bring you long term success.

This is the work I’ve been doing since I was a kid, and I talk a lot about the process of overcoming fears & negative mindsets as well as operating out of a lifestyle of love and peace to produce the best life you can possibly have. That’s been my secret to success in radio, writing, business, coaching, speaking, and podcasting.

By connecting with me, I’ll share everything I know with you plus give you insights from my experiences so that you have the most clear direction forward into the success you dream of.



Indie Radio Help From A Syndicated Host

I’m the creator and host of The Appetizer Radio Show. The 2 hour weekly program showcases indie  and unsigned artists, originating in 2003 (before indie music was something radio stations payed any attention to).

Over the years I’ve worked with, interviewed, and showcased countless unsigned, DIY and indie musicians to help them establish and grow their audiences.

Speaking For Events & Gatherings

If you’d like to book me to speak at your event on subjects related to relationship-building, networking, marketing, radio promotion, music marketing, or organizational culture send an email to dgrant@dgrantsmith.com.

Other Stuff I’m Passionate About

That’s what I do professionally or a living. But that’s not all there is to me. I’m also a musician (drummer) and a community builder (working with nonprofits).

I love meeting people, having great conversations, storytelling and making new friends. That’s a big reason why I do what I do. I just fricking love people!

Other passions of mine that I will talk about on this blog and in conversation include Batman (particularly the Dark Knight trilogy)  other super hero movies, great books (both fiction and nonfiction), craft beer, boxing, football (particularly Alabama and the Texans), uncommon people, amazing stories, and great conversations.