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color close upWe all face questions when it comes to trying to win with our careers.

Most musicians struggle with growing your audience, getting picked up by radio & playlist makers, building connections with the people who support music, etc.

While you can read any of the zillions of blogs out there that have ideas for what to do, the HOW-TO steps are rarely given.

Because few people actually know how to teach what works.

I’ve not only built a passionate audience base for multiple music platforms, but also helped many musicians do the same. Teaching and mentoring are both part of my passions, and something I take great pride in.

With coaching, you’ll work directly with me on your specific project. You’ll gain the winning methods and action-steps to grow your audience, get media attention and promotion, craft the perfect music submissions, build a strong network of music industry contacts, and more.

All you have to do is have a free conversation with me to see if we’re a good fit.

Relationships matter to me. I’m serious about helping you have everything you want. I want to serve you in achieving your goals. In the event that I’m not a good fit for where you are, I’ll give you some recommendations for possibilities.


As of late 2017, I’m keeping a really small lineup of coaching clients. If you want to hire me to coach your music growth with fans, media outreach or overcoming fears contact me by email (dgrant@dgrantsmith.com). If we’re a good fit we’ll put something together. If not, I’ll connect you with someone in my network who can help you reach new levels of success.



Benefits Of Working With A Career Coach

Overcoming Negative Beliefs That Hinder Your Growth

Customized Strategies for Marketing and Audience Building

Effective Communication Methods For Marketing

Building Your Network Of Contacts, Influencers, & Others For Growth

Help Telling Your Story Powerfully To Connect With Your Audience For Support

Crowdfunding and Fundraising Strategies

Team Building

Detailed Analysis & Critique Of Music From Media and Fan Perspective

Other Ways To Work With Me: Music Marketing Courses

Be Your Own Badass Music PR Pro

The ‘no BS’ approach to building a team, connecting with influencers and getting your music featured. In this online course, you get the benefit of 2 powerhouses in the music training world, myself and music marketing Superman Steve Palfreyman.

By the time you go through this course you’ll have everything you need to build stronger connections in the music industry. You won’t be beholden to spending thousands on a publicity campaign or have to wait around for that manager to finally notice you. We’ll take you through the best process for getting people to pay attention to your music, whether you’re after radio play or simply building a stronger connections with your fans. We’re in the trenches doing this stuff every day and you can skip thousands of hours of frustration by following the principles and the systems we give you to get more from your next release.

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