One of the best ways to growth farm is through experiencing the dynamic of these concepts and philosophies laid out in a 1-1 setting. We experience that through powerful speaking engagements. Speaking is one of my favorite ways of connecting with people to help you grow.

In speaking presentations and events, essential pieces to the process of growing connected communities is presented through storytelling and actionable takeaway tips for audiences.

Keynote Speech: Be The Change You Want In The World

Taking the ideas, concepts, and methods presented in my book The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, & highlighting lessons from the road of the DIY Artist Route Podcast, these speeches open up new doors for insights and growth for audiences in the creative industries, education, and entrepreneurship.

Speech topics involve relationship building, networking, and growth principles learned over the years from helping to build the careers of artists and musicians, as well as building a syndicated media platform through The Appetizer Radio Show.

Success in our lives and our creative businesses comes down to the depth of the relationships we build, and what we plant within ourselves to be the most fruitful to others.

Other speech topics and video examples are available upon request.

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