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Love & Relationship Tip: Use Kindness Instead Of “Niceness”

The phrase “Nice guys finish last” is 1000% true. This is why it’s such a struggle for sensitive and caring people to operate out of kindness. When you don’t fully understand what Kindness is, you’re likely to get stepped on. Wait, hold on dude. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be nice to people? You’re …

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How To Be First In Initiating Growth In Your Life

You have to create your own openings to succeed. From relationships to business, you have to be first in initiating growth and change in your life. One thing that used to make people really stand out to me was the degree of initiative they showed. When I ran a public radio station years ago, I …

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Why The Question Is More Important Than The Answer

I’ve been growing in a powerful life lesson for the past year. It’s simply this: Learn how to sit inside the question instead of rigorously pursuing the answer. This flies in the face of so much of my cultural, religious, and family upbringing and development. It’s also counter to 99.9% of entrepreneurial business and modern business …

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The Intersection Of Trust And True Love

In relationships, we all deal with issues that sometimes aren’t clearly defined that impact the trust we have in ourselves and in others. There is an intersection of Trust and True Love. They go together. They’re linked and they must be carefully tended to. What happens when issues come up? You have a bad day …

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Break Codependency By Choosing To Be First With Yourself

Sensitive and highly emotional people often struggle with people-pleasing. This codependent pattern causes difficulties and problems in all relationships. You break codependency by choosing to be first with yourself. The process of ending codependency is about breaking behavioral energy patterns. The ways you exude codependent tendencies are going to change, especially as you work through …

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My 2020 Reading List-Must Reads For You To Add

When I started this year, I didn’t fully expect I’d read as much as I have. But my reading list for 2020 has been massive. Subsequently, it’s been a year of superpowered growth, both personally and professionally. Here is my 2020 reading list with book recommendations for you and your reading list. In light of …

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Be First In Creating Harmony In Relationships

  Harmony is when currents come together in synchronicity and togetherness. This is oneness. Which is why harmony is such an important part of music. And why you can hear when something is not harmonious.  It just doesn’t sound right. Our feelings are similar in this way.  When you don’t feel harmonious in a relationship, …