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Why You’re Worth Fighting For (And How To Choose Yourself)

  Do you believe that you’re worth fighting for? When you’ve experienced heartbreak, it doesn’t feel that way at all. Typically you experience such gut-wrenching pain that you feel worthless, not good enough, and completely broken. So to hear someone tell you that you actually are worthy, feels like a lie. How can that be …

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Why Seeking Validation Is Crippling You

While making assumptions is one of the fastest ways to allowing negative beliefs take over your mind, there’s another culprit at play. It’s one of the leading causes of personal failure and fear in the world. Let’s just call it the need for validation. Or the need of someone else’s favorable opinion. Needing something from …

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Why Assumptions Are Negative Beliefs In Disguise

It’s annoying when people say, “If you make assumptions, you make an ass out of you and me,” isn’t it? Duh dude. I’ve heard that before. But I’m learning that the analogy is a lot more potent than we often want to recognize. Which leads to a different kind of realization if you think about …

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My 10 Must-Read Books From Last Year’s Reading List

I’m making a practice of reading more each year. You’d think I devour more books each year based on my trips to Half Priced Books (which I try to hit at least 3 times a year). Suffice to say my bookshelves and home/office libraries have a ton of books I haven’t read (yet). To help …

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Why Your Holiday Season Doesn’t Have To Suck This Year

Every year around the holiday season, there’s a mood in the air. Can you feel it? For some it’s the mood of peace and cheer. But not for everyone. For others, there’s a dread and anxiousness. What is it that you feel?   A Ba-Humbug mentality that pervades your thoughts We all have our own …

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How To Defeat Your Inner Critic With One 4-Word Phrase

Recently I shared with you how overwhelm and anxiety take away from your work, your health, and ultimately your growth. After posting this blog article, several folks reached out to me for help in this overcoming this capacity. If you thought about it, but decided not to (for whatever reason), let me extend my continued …

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How To Keep Anxiety & Overwhelm Away Today

When stress never seems to end, work deadlines feel like an assassin stalking you every day. How will you keep up? Add to this the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that there are never enough minutes to do all you need to do. Or take care of everyone expecting you to serve them. You keep …

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How To Use Your Creativity To Empower Others

Whether you consider yourself a world-renowned artist or visionary, you have the capability to empower & change lives for the good every day. It’s your choice. Do you get up every day determined to use your creative superpowers to make a positive impact? Or do you wake up and after hitting the snooze button ten …

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Why Cold Pitch Emails Are The Bane Of Your Marketing & Don’t Work At All

Have you messaged a bunch of people to get them to follow you, read your work, listen to your new song, interview you, or jump on board your platform? Did you market a “powerful list” of contacts you got that was guaranteed to get you noticed? That kind of marketing is absolute shit. Seriously. It …

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Timothy Palmer’s Curious Philosophy On Pt 2 Of DIY Artist Route Interview

Listen to “The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast” on Spreaker. In the 2nd part of our conversation with indie musician Timothy Palmer, we pick up where we left off in the previous episode of The DIY Artist Route Podcast (listen to past episodes and the podcast archive …