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Embracing Your Be Is The Key To Happiness

Who you are is more than your career. You are more than the roles you serve in, such as being a parent or a student or your role in your job. What you DO is different than who you are. Yet our culture and society has conditioned you to see yourself separate from the LOVE that is your essence. Because true happiness is embracing your Be to empower your Do.

Practice this daily to live your best life.

Here’s how that works and what you can do every day to facilitate healing and wholeness in your BE.

It turns out that what you do is impacted by you operating fully out of your BE. Balancing your Be with you Do is essential to you living your best life, discussed more fully in this blog article.

There are two key components to your life. What you do. And how you BE. Which has everything to do with who you are. 


I am that I am.

When people ask who you are, what do you tell them?

Do you tell them what your job role is? Do you tell them if you’re a spouse or a parent or a grandparent or a niece/nephew?

We confuse who we are with what roles we play all the time. Who you are is who you BE.

That’s not incorrect grammar. It’s a Definition of Terms.


What does it mean to BE?

Your BE-ingness is the state that you are in any given moment. Your BE-ingness is your identity as a person in how you choose to operate. That’s who you are. At your most basic level, your state of BE-ing is a human here on earth for a limited period of time to fulfill a designated purpose.

Your purpose isn’t your job. Or career. Or whatever it is that pays you money to buy things.

That’s what you DO. 

This is a very important thing to understand and grasp because it has everything to do with you finding and have peace, fulfillment and wholeness in your life.

It’s essential to practice the art of embracing your BE to make what you do more powerful and impactful.

You are more than what you DO.

Careers change. Titles change. Jobs change.

People change.


Who you are is a choice you make

You can change who you are with or without changing what you do.

Meaning, you can BE depressed if you choose depression as your state of Being. Or you can make another choice.

You can choose to BE Love.

Wayne Dyer talks about BEing that which you want to experience. In a talk he gave about his book, The Power Of Intention, Dyer said,

“Be the peace you want to receive. Just BE it. And it will come to you.” 

Ghandi said something similar, “Be the change you want to experience in the world.”

Who are you is constantly in a state of BEing. You get to choose what that state is.

What will you choose?

That’s another way of asking, who will you choose to BE?


Who you are is not how you feel

But what about how you feel? Doesn’t your feelings have something to do with who you are?

This is another misinterpretation our culture and society has levied on us. Your feelings aren’t your identity either. We’ll discuss this in an upcoming blog post. If you feel depressed or sad or lonely, recognize that the feeling and the state of BE-ing are different. It’s important how you use your words here. “I feel sad” is much different than identifying with sadness as a statement of who you are.

This can seem more complicated than it is. Which is why there are chapters that illustrate it better and provide steps for you to take to transform any negative feelings you’re experiencing into feelings of peace and wholeness in the Be Solid book.


What you DO will never be who you are

You can choose to DO any number of jobs or careers.

Choose to take on a role of father or mother if you like.

You can even take on that role if you’re not biologically in that position. Adoptive parents are fathers and mothers to children who want and need loving homes. So are mentors and coaches to people who seek the guidance, direction, and support of a father/mother figure.

Who you choose to BE is the fuel that propels your life forward or draws it back from reaching its fullest potential.

Embracing your Be is the key to your personal fulfillment and happiness. The choice is yours.

You can BE Love and BE guided by the light that creates worlds every day. Be the peace you seek. Therefore, embracing your Be allows you to facilitate harmony among people of (seemingly) conflicting agendas and desires.

You can BE Hope and give the gentle calming presence that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel to a soul who has only known darkness and chaos.


Who will you choose to BE?


Take A Step In Embracing Your BE To Grow Today

Discover who you are, how to heal from past hurts and difficulties to BE fully alive. And live a life of peace and wholeness on your terms. In just 20 minutes, you can gain clarity and peace on your specific circumstances and challenges.


Get next steps to take that are practical and simple to do. All it takes is you getting on my calendar and us having a conversation. And it’s free. No sales pitch will be in our time together.


This is about helping you gain peace and BE-ing the whole person you are made to be.

I want to hear from you and talk. Get on my calendar here and let’s talk!

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