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Andrew Apanov

Andrew Apanov

In the digital age, we’re not limited to location for who we can learn from or be aided by.

One of my favorite people doing great things for musicians is Andrew Apanov.

Based out of Poland, Andrew’s platform Dotted Music is a great resource for all things digital and web for musicians.

His blog is a fantastic resource with great articles and posts that shine new light on not just the pieces of building a digital brand.

He’s also big on the how-to steps to make that happen.

What Andrew Apanov says about online branding for musicians

Andrew and I have had several conversations about what musicians need to do with their online branding and platforms to really grow their audience.

Andrew was one of the first people I sent the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook to because back in the day he was a radio host too.

His inclusion is perfect for us as we start the summer

I know a lot of artists are taking the time to re-evaluate their growth and what they’re working on. If that’s you, you’ll gain a lot from this episode.

Music marketing online, online branding, relationship building a whole lot more are all in this episode.

If you’re looking to hire a publicist or work with a music marketing agency, and you’ve read up on We Spin and Dotted Music, there are some things you should prepare for in consideration before you start writing checks.

What do marketing agencies and publicists look for with new musicians

Great publicists and music marketing agencies look for specific things from artists before they sign them.

Do you know what they are? Andrew does, and now in turn you do too.

I’ve seen a lot of creatives paying for services that they can do themselves.

The reason they don’t do it themselves (like marketing, media promotion, etc) is that they’ve tried methods that don’t work and have given up.

So they pay money to someone else to do the work that creates networking connections.

Except, they pay the money for the airplay, but don’t get the network. It’s so backward.

And it’s one of the things I appreciate most about this conversation with Andrew. His blogs and podcast get you, even more, from him.

How to be your own publicist and promoter

Speaking of promotions and publicity, don’t be one of those creatives or entrepreneurs who get suckered into some promoter’s game of paying 100s or 1000s of dollars for promotion. It’s crap. Literally.

Be your own promoter by doing 3 big things that many creatives and even major corporations get wrong with marketing. Learn how to do it right. That’s what this book is all about.

And it’s endorsed by countless music professionals who know the real methods to make promotions and marketing work.