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How To Use Your Creativity To Empower Others

creativity empower and change livesWhether you consider yourself a world-renowned artist or visionary, you have the capability to empower & change lives for the good every day. It’s your choice.

Do you get up every day determined to use your creative superpowers to make a positive impact? Or do you wake up and after hitting the snooze button ten times, get up to start a busy day without determining what you’ll do for the day?

These seemingly little choices make a huge difference. Before you get up each morning, take on a practice of determining what your #1 priority is for the day. Determine what your focus is (illustrated powerfully in this post). Write it down. Then empower yourself to be the force for change the world needs by affirming yourself with statements that encourage your mind and heart. A great resource for powerful affirmations is my latest ebook available here.

Consider this your motivation and encouragement to make the internal choice to do so.

How focus creates change & a powerful impact

Our lives are meant to interconnect with others. We were made to facilitate community and connection. Relationships are the natural way our world works and has always worked. We’re made for connection with each other. That’s why practicing value for each other is so important.

This practice also increases the opportunities for you to empower and changes lives for the good because it’s everyone’s natural desire to be valued. When you give someone their inborn, natural want you create a stronger, more powerful connection. Which leads to new opportunities for growth and success.

I recently had an experience where my friend Stephanie Prosser did something that encouraged and empowered me. Stephanie is an incredible painter and president of Palette Of Purpose, Inc, a dynamic arts organization that has been revitalizing the city of Abilene with murals and paintings that bring the city together.

Her painting and work in connecting communities together made her the best choice to ask for a commissioned piece from. She also gave me such powerful inspiration to keep pursuing my mission, and giving my heart away in service. I’d been watching a lot of the Marvel film series, and was inspired by the latest Thor film (Ragnarok) and Infinity War. Thor found that what he thought was the source of his power (his hammer) wasn’t true. The thunder and lightning of his power came from within him instead of an outside utility.

How true is that for us? Most of us spend enormous amounts of time trying to cultivate something to present to the world, thinking that our true worth is gained from having something outside ourselves to offer.

And if we gain enough success or fame or accolades, then we’ll truly have it all. But that’s not it at all. Peace, success and love come from within, and from our connection with our Source (Higher Power, God, the Most High, whatever you choose to call the creation force).

When you choose to embrace the greatness within you and use that to make a positive impact you find the fulfillment you seek. It’s a choice to tap into the well that is inside you and be empowered by your source for more greatness.

How my friend uses her creativity to empower and change lives

I shared this visual representation from the inspiration of the Thor movie with Stephanie and asked her to commission a painting for me to go in my house. I’m doing a bit of remodeling in my home to empower my creative work and change the energy of productivity. This painting was going to be among a few new additions to really make my house rock out with visual empowerment.

I didn’t give her any specifics on what I wanted the piece to look like. I enjoy the blank canvas approach to art. Give an artist a blank canvas, a little bit of an idea, and their creative freedom to explore and be amazed at what can come out of it. I mean, I did the same thing with my favorite barber Kingslee last February and she transformed me from a Shaggy-copycat into this dude.

d grant smith before haircut kingsless barbar abilene

Last weekend I had a dinner party where I brought over a group of friends who didn’t know each other so that more creative folks could build relationships. There, Stephanie brought her completed painting and an additional gift. This piece totally blew me away. She captured a representation of my mission and work that I hadn’t envisioned before. It came from her intention to use art as a force for empowerment and making a difference.

stephanie prosser graphic artist illustrator commission painting empowering

Added to that was this encouraging letter to explain her interpretation of the vision of the work. This letter means so much. I’m a fan of written correspondence (it’s something I advocate for and teach in my courses). Nothing impacts you quite the same way as the written word that you can hold in your hands.

Here’s her note:

stephanie prosser growth farming letter

I share this with you to give you insights into changing lives by using your natural gifts and creativity. Your creative talents and skills are what help you create the business of your dreams. But what you choose to do with them and set your intention on makes the ultimate difference.

When you choose to start your day with the focus of using what you’ve been given to make a difference, you win.

“The greatest success we’ll know is helping others succeed and grow.” -Gregory Scott Reid

Put This Growth Farming Tip Into Play Today

Make the decision today that you will use your talents and gifts to impact at least one person this week. Just a little note you give can be the key to empower and change lives for a powerful difference. The more you give love, the more love is returned to you. It’s the natural law of attraction.

Be the difference you want to experience in the world. Be marveled at how much your life and career improve in the process.


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  1. Great word, and right on target! And I firmly believe you could not have chosen better models for this type of mindset. Both Stephanie and Kingslee embody this positive influence in our community.

  2. Agreed! Kingslee and Steph are prime examples of the great work of using creativity and art to transform lives and community. You are a good example of that too, sir! Thank you for all you do.

  3. Wow. Absolutely love this – and Stephanie’s painting is just sublime!

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