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I’m Avoiding Shortcuts (And Why You Should Too)

15338308235_014a57c693_zThe “Get Rich Quick” ideal has seeped into far too many areas and realms of our collective mindsets, at times without our knowledge. We now have an app for nearly every and any need possible, which presents a work-around to many of the real and necessary processes in life.

We imagine that the success of our pursuits only requires that quick tip to instantly achieve our endeavors, whether it’s improving our relationships, our health, or our businesses.

I’ve not found a shortcut to success in life, though I’ve searched, explored, attempted, and tried the methods presented by the “experts” in blogs, books, videos and webinars. It must not be in the cards for me to try something simple and then wake up the next day with millions of fans, followers, requests, revenue, and contracts.

Has the shortcut to success worked for you?

What has brought me success, good-fortune and (best of all) fulfillment is commitment to process, time, focus and people. The curation of relationships and communication in them has been a tremendous blessing in my personal and professional life. The same could be said for you.

We’re all looking to build something. The communities we align ourselves with are the locations for where we can achieve the most growth and fulfillment in our endeavors. My focus is on growth through hunkering down and investing in people in the the communities of music and small business to cultivate relationships.

It’s better to prepare for the long haul than focus on only the short-term benefits. Your staying power depends on our commitment to people and processes. How committed to your long-term success are you? Share your commitment and goals with me here:

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