Music submissions to radio and media are a struggle for a lot of musicians AND music promotions companies. The problem with making music submissions work is that no one teaches you the little things to do that make BIG things happen.

That's where I come in to help you with this course. But let's address one other little thing right away: Have you been ripped off by expensive BS courses before?

You’re not alone, I have too… you buy in and then POOF the instructor vanishes into thin air. This isn't one of those online courses. I promise! The difference here is twofold… One, I’m actually in your corner. Why else would I give you direct access to me for follow up after the course is over, and even while it's going on (see below)?

Most folks MIGHT give you a group call where you get no personalized help. I actually WANT to get to know you, and for you to make sure the questions on your mind is answered personally. I'm here to help you win, using indie radio & media as the vehicle for growth.

I want to show you the effective method of not only gaining airplay and reviews for your music, but also growing your network of influencers & music curators who LOVE you. 

You'll receive the tools and the insights to get the radio and media coverage you want to grow your audience. You'll also know where to go to get reviews to boost your publicity, how to target the right stations for airplay consideration, what to do to get stations interested in you, and how your email/social media messaging can tell a story that brings short and long term growth to your career.

This is me, your friend & teacher D Grant Smith

Are You Tired Of Making Music Submissions That Get No Response?

If Reaching Out To Radio, Podcasts, Or Blogs Has Seemed Scary....OR

Like You Have To Pay Thousands Of Dollars To Get A PR Company To Promote Your Music, Look No Further

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Trust Me On Radio, Music Submissions & What Works. Here's Why:

My name is D Grant Smith. I've had the opportunity to live out everything I teach in this course by doing each and every one of the steps personally & professionally for over a decade.

Yes, I am an artist like you. I'm also a media creator, syndicated host of The Appetizer Radio Show & the DIY Artist Route Podcast. I became a syndicated host by doing everything I will show you how to do in this course. I've also had conversations with industry leading gurus (Kevin Kelly, Benji Rogers, & Seth Godin to name a few) from the methods I show you in this course.

You have music that you want other people to hear, experience and be a fan of. The problem you face is there are zillions of artists and creators who are doing the same thing. They want attention just like you do. But getting attention and gaining connection are different things.

We're in the same boat, you and I. I made the same mistakes most artists make when they contact media. On the flip side, I also sit in the place where music curators sit (because I am one). I receive email submissions for airplay daily. I know what gets picked and what doesn't. These insights are priceless & you get access to them in this course!

I also network with tons of other station managers, program hosts, and bloggers who do exactly what I do. The consensus among all of us is that most artists don't get how to submit & promote their music. You have to offer us (media) more than just a song and a blanket message.

The Indie Radio Promotion Course shows you EXACTLY how to build your fan base to include the media you contact.

Trust me, you want these music influencers to not only play your music. You  also want them to be your fan.

I'll show you how to make that happen & SO MUCH MORE in this course.

My radio work has brought me into contact with successful indie musicians like Iron & Wine, pictured here with our Golden Fork Award

It took me over a decade to learn everything I'm showing you how to do here in just 9 video lessons.

The key to real growth is a long term commitment to relationship building.

Pitching music to strangers might get you a song added here or there. But you will end up working longer, harder, and with less results than you will by making relationship-building your focus.

Relationship Building is the ROI for everything you do in life, let alone in music. That's what I show you how to build, cultivate, nurture and grow in this online course.


"Our band was about to release our new CD. We googled  "how to get radio airplay" and found D Grant Smith's The Indie Radio Course. We were about to send our CD out to every radio station and publication that we found in the Indie Bible that matched our genre. Luckily we decided to take the course first and because of that we avoided a costly mistake. We would have wasted hundreds of dollars sending them out, blindly hoping for airplay and or reviews. What we have learned in this easy to follow course is not only helpful in the music industry, it is also very valuable in life itself. Thank you Mr. Smith for making this course very affordable. And thank you for sharing your wisdom that helps us independent musicians."
-Michael Preston, guitarist of Preston Project

“My own experience: after two years of reaching out to radio show hosts with token results, I nailed three "thanks for reaching out . . . sure, I'd love a CD!" responses, and two on-air interviews for my band—in three days, and only three weeks before they went on tour.”
-K Sharp, Jazz Performer

What Have Past Students Said About This Course?

"The Indie Radio Course & D Grant gave me concrete strategies on how to connect with radio stations and other influencers in the music business. I went from sending generic e-mails that got maybe one response out of a hundred to sending personal e-mail to the right people and instead getting response from one out of three. It also thought me the importance of growing your relationships with the people who connect with you, both influencers and maybe most important, your fans. And as a positive side effect I made a ton of new friends the last few months whom both help me pushing the limits in my music career as well as being really great people. I never thought the PR part of being a musician could be so much fun."
-Jon Magnusson, musician & performer

This Course is taught through 9 lessons, covering all the details of getting your music showcased on radio. You can take this course anywhere with a web connection. No live sessions or meetings to get everything. Go at your own pace!

Other benefits artists who take this course receive include:

What You Get & How You Benefit

Course Materials including video and PDF book work together to become an online classroom where marketing for music is taught, experienced and transferred to you.

Together, we'll chart a path forward for you on how to followup your progress to gain more radio airplay and audience growth to reach new levels of music success.

9 Video Lessons Covering Everything You Need To Connect With Radio Stations To Get Airplay, Interviews, Reviews & Features Including:

  • Effective Music Submission Strategy & Tactics
  • How To Create Messages That Get A Response
  • How To Follow-Up Your Airplay To Gain More Media Coverage
  • How To Use Radio Airplay To Grow Your Audience Of Super Fans
  • How To Build An Effective Music Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Social Media Audience
  • Sample Templates For Messaging And Outreach
  • And So Much More


A Free Copy of The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook (PDF e-book): A thorough and complete handbook covering all things for music marketing through radio including submission insights, tips, processes, networking and much more (a $17 value).

Remember when I said I'm in your corner (above)? I'm here to help you. You can reach out to me during the course and after it's over to continue building relationships that benefit you in the short and long term. ALSO you get.....

Lifetime Access To Updates, Additional Materials, And Direct Insights To Help You Grow Beyond Just Radio Airplay To Take Your Music And Your Career To Completely New Levels

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I believe strongly in the quality of the Indie Radio Promotion Course. I’ve poured my heart and soul into it!
 And I confidently back it with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

If you decide this isn’t working for you, contact me within 30 Days and show me you actually did the work - I’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

 You Will Grow Your Contact List, Your Audience, And Your Connections With Influencers By Using What You Learn Here To Win With People Over And Over Again!

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