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The Intersection Of Trust And True Love

In relationships, we all deal with issues that sometimes aren’t clearly defined that impact the trust we have in ourselves and in others. There is an intersection of Trust and True Love. They go together. They’re linked and they must be carefully tended to.

What happens when issues come up? You have a bad day and say something mean without thinking about it. Your partner says or does something that puts you off and makes you angry.

What do you do? We often spend too much time in our own heads wrestling with the unknowns. It’s here where we get tripped up and can create tension that causes damage to the relationship connection.

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Explore this by changing how we look at the intersection of trust and love

What if you don’t know?

What will you do if you don’t get an answer? 

You call, send texts and messages.

You seek a connection. Yet silence is what you receive.

What will you do?

More importantly, what story will you tell yourself about what is going on?

Our lives and experiences are created by our thoughts and beliefs. They’re shaped by what we put into our heads and tell ourselves to be the truth.

What if you don’t know the real truth? What if the truth you believe is a story you’ve been retelling yourself over and over again based on assumptions, lies, and untruths from the past?

We also develop beliefs about the nature of things including our relationships based on what other people have told us to be true.

“You can’t make women happy.”

“You can’t keep a man’s attention. Unless it involves sex.”

These are just examples of stories people tell each other often to justify their beliefs. Then when they experience something that looks or feels like this, the story gets propagated further.

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Trust is in having faith in the unseen and believing the best in people

It’s also in believing the best in yourself. 

 Real patience is being in the moment.

When you’re trying to put together the pieces of your past and recycle the pain you’ve gone through, there’s no patience there. Nor trust or faith or hope.

If you want to be connected with your Love, BE the patience. Be Love.

If you shift into a place where you’re mentally creating these stories of them walking out on you or rejecting you and you let yourself believe that, you are undermining the truth of the Love you have. Which creates splinters and division in your relationship. It’s an energetic result.


Thoughts create things

In your thinking, you’re creating tension and discord that has a ripple effect on your connection.

Instead, practice patience in the waiting. Believe in the best in your Love, in your relationship.

Trust that whatever is keeping them from responding has a good reason behind it. Trust that if the cause is something that is unkind towards you, that you both can have a conversation about it. Then you can come together in peace and harmony.

This is where True Love resides. In this place of letting go of the knowing. Letting go of control. Letting go of having it all figured out.

Here trust grows and is rooted down deeper in Love.


Find where the intersection of trust and true love is in your life, regardless of your relationship status

Want to grow in trust and love with yourself? Set up a free coaching session with me now. You’ll gain practical tools to use in your own self Love practice as well as your relationships.


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