Want to take your work to new people? Want to become known and celebrated?

If you’re a creative entrepreneur (musician, artist, content creator, etc), you can try to hire a PR or Marketing firm to reach out to the media (and spend a pretty penny) to try and get your work picked up.

OR you can learn how to be your own Badass PR and Marketing Pro.

In this course, the legendary Music-preneur Steve Palfreyman and I show you practical steps to take (along with stories to put it all in context) to get your work out to the media to reach new fans, gain a powerful following, and grow your audience. Click here for more about this course.


Get Radio Airplay, Interviews On Media, Connections With Music Industry Pros & More

Take your marketing to music industry and media to a whole new level by connecting with radio, blogs, podcasts, and playlist makers in this powerful, step-by-step course. In the Indie Radio Promotion Course, you’ll learn the exact steps I took to get my radio program carried on stations across the country. I network with a lot of music entities, show hosts, radio stations, podcasters and other media. What you’ll learn in this course is exactly what they want when artists and creators reach out to them for getting featured on their platforms.

Plus, you’ll gain specific action steps to take to follow up and build the relationship. Included are templates for outreach, strategies for building connection, video tutorials, a free PDF Radio Handbook and much more. Click here to get this course.

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