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A Little Introduction

color close upMusic is a really big industry, and there are many components to it. Like most really big industries, there are several avenues that you can take to have a career and be profitable.

There is also a LOT of competition.

If you spend any amount of time online, you see posts about bands and musicians, some you know of and many you don’t. Over the past several years, the whole “indie music” movement has revolutionized the industry. Now it’s not essential that an artist cut a deal with a record label to be successful in any capacity. There are multiple channels where music can be heard across the web and even through traditional routes of TV-film, radio, and print. With all these channels come a myriad of options for your audience to choose to be on.

TARSLogoTM2014I’ve been a part of the indie realm for over a decade, helping in some ways to contribute to the change in the media landscape concerning indie music. When I created and launched The Appetizer Radio Show in 2003, web-radio was still in a beta-test of sorts with a few stations operating across the country and few had large audiences. Public radio was the only music platform that gave any time to non-labeled bands. Social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook didn’t exist, at least not in the national and international realms of present day. Even cell phones were different, as they were used for (believe it or not) making and receiving phone calls. Blogs hadn’t become a method of storytelling or review posting. There was a lot that was very different about how we engaged in music as well as how we shared it.

My work developing and later syndicating our radio show around the globe was influential in promoting the careers of several established indie acts. You can see and hear the folks we’ve had the honor of working with at The Appetizer website. Those experiences with artists in a variety of capacities led to the work I do one-on-one with artists in developing their sound, branding, and press material for audience growth. Radio airplay and mulit-media presentation is a part of audience growth, especially on social channels and blogs.

Soundcloud and Reverbnation are great outlets to get your music heard, but marketing to your target audience members through all the noise and competition on these platforms is intense and fierce. For bands and artists who want to shotgun success, good luck to you. It’s doesn’t work out very well regarding the time it takes the the frustration inherent in the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach. If it’s true in small business, it’s probably true in this industry.

A little introduction of who I am and what I do is important for you to know. I’m here to help you grow your music into what you dream for it to be. Growing your audience is elemental in that process. It is a process, not something that magically happens if you do a series of 5 or 10 steps. Here in this blog, I’ll give away some of the keys I’ve discovered in growing audience-share as well as how you can develop your sound and presentation to stand out above the competition and apart from the noise. Music is a very noisy industry. In the posts and content to come, I’ll help you take your music to the next level and get you Radio-Ready, even if radio is not what you think you need.

Are you ready? Join me and be on the lookout for my upcoming eBook.


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