Be Solid Autographed Paperback Book (& Bonus Digital Copy)

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Overcome trials and challenges. Especially the unexpected difficulties that hit you out of nowhere.

You don’t have to be victimized by life’s difficulties. You can rise above the drama and the pain. And become the best version of yourself in the process.

Whether you’re facing a heartbreaking situation from a relationship, loss of job, or personal difficulty, this book will give you everything you need to gain peace, confidence, and wholeness.

Recover from emotional wounds. Learn to trust yourself again. Embrace self-love. And kick ass in life!

See what readers are saying:

“This book is for anyone needing relatable insight and practical steps towards moving past pain and embracing your God-given identity as an agent of love. Written about a painful divorce, Smith uses boxing metaphors to guide readers through the process of transformation after heartache and tragedy. It is an easy read with helpful guides at the end of each chapter. You practically get a workbook included.”

-Casey Hatcher, entrepreneur & speaker

 “WOW. Powerful read. D Grant has found a way to keep your attention after every page. Let’s be honest, if you read the book it’s because you were searching for something yourself. He has a unique way of making you feel like he’s walking your journey with you. When you get to a point where you may feel lost and out of hope, this is a great build to build a foundation for the future.”

-Mike Rozell, real estate professional

“A great tool for anyone with the desire to improve own their lives,  relationships, and restore balance through practical practices and personal experience.  It’s a treasure trove of information and a fantastic guide to becoming a better version of yourself.  For me Be Solid was an incredible read, and an important reminder for boundaries, balance, and wholeness.”

-Stephanie Prosser, artist & nonprofit leader

“D writes from his real-life experiences, in a way that touches your soul. He makes us realise we are not alone in our suffering and confusion – and offers us a great gift: the knowledge of how to turn our pain and suffering into our greatest strength. A must-read for anyone, regardless of what you’re going through.”

-Liz Cirelli, internationally acclaimed musician & coach

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You’re Worth Fighting For!

If you’ve experienced heartbreak, rejection, or personal loss and you want to experience hope and restoration this book is for you. Get the autographed paperback plus bonus digital copy now!

What is Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole about? Is it just a book about heartbreak?

Yes it is. It’s also about dealing with life and the unexpected challenges that come out of nowhere (like what Covid-19 has brought to all of us).

Life sometimes likes to throw haymakers. You know, sudden and unexpected events where you find yourself dealing with personal loss that leads to heartbreak.

These experiences can break you. Heartbreak from the end of a relationship can lead you down a dark path of feeling not good enough and forever alone.

Too often, we turn our pains and hurts into reasons to be vehicles for bitterness, resentment, and toxicity. But that’s not how it has to be.

Discover a better way in this incredible method for personal transformation into the best version of yourself!

If you dream of finding a relationship where you aren’t begging for attention, giving endlessly in hopes of being loved and accepted, and finally feel confident in yourself to ask for what you want…..

This is the book for you!


***And get a Signed copy with a personal note written just for you when you order now***


Inside you’ll gain the tools to transform yourself, overcome your fears and dysfunctional patterns (including codependency), to experience the LOVE that brings happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

be solid is changing lives healing heartbreak emotional pain relationships divorce

You CAN be solid and whole. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to build a strong support system to heal and rebuild your life

  • How to gain peace when everything in your life is thrown out of sync

  • The tools and practices to gain confidence and wholeness to live your best life

  • How to remove toxicity to grow healthy and more fruitful relationships

  • What to do to cultivate health and wholeness in all 4 areas of your life (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical)

  • Tools to overcome feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, and tension that hit you like a hurricane

  • Powerful metaphors and word pictures that will transform how you see yourself and embrace your healing journey

  • And much more!

be solid book you're worth fighting for

This is a guidebook for healing, recovery, and a pursuit of wholeness in every area of your life to be your best self, regardless of what obstacles and pain you’ve experienced.

Best of all, you’ll discover what it means and how to fully Be Solid! And you’ll have an autographed paperback copy with a note from me, available online only through my online store.

Buy your copy now!

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