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Here’s what readers are saying about their Be Solid experience:

“Be Solid isn’t a ‘self-help’ or ‘personal development’ book, it’s a way of life. D Grant outlines a way of living, thinking about, and seeing life that enables you to tap into the love that is within each of us. This internal love allows us to weather the storms of life, grow deep, rewarding, healthy relationships with others, and enjoy the great parts of life even more.

But D doesn’t just talk about the idea of becoming solid, he also outlines the steps to do so in each chapter. My favorite part is how he asks questions to keep you on track and have you reflect on your own life all while opening up about his own hardships that have led him on the path of solidarity. It’s like having him right there with you on this path, coaching you through it each step of the way!” -Jon Pattie

“Many authors in the “personal development” genre make use of analogies when trying to articulate ideas to readers. In my opinion, D Grant Smith absolutely nailed every metaphor used throughout this book in the best way possible to articulate the ideas in a way that I haven’t experienced until now.

This book really helped me understand myself and my relationships with people that I genuinely care about. Be Solid has taught me the importance of having a Solid Circle, and to see my own value in the world, rather than to look toward others for it.

This is one of the great books that I will be reading through more than just one time.” -Taylor Ochs

“While this book is around how to come out of trying time and come out whole, its really a book all people should read on just how to be a better, SOLID, good person.
The book is broken down into easy to ready chapters that you will fly through. D Grant has organized and written it in a way that is easy to go through, easy to digest and easy to want to keep reading it.” -Stephanie Prosser

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What’s inside this book:

Life sometimes likes to throw haymakers. You know, sudden and unexpected events where you find yourself dealing with personal loss that leads to heartbreak. These experiences can break you, leaving you questioning your worth and leading down a dark path of shame and fear.

Too often, we turn our pains and hurts into reasons to be vehicles for hatred, bitterness, resentment, and dysfunctional patterns. That’s our society and culture’s way. But that’s not how it has to be. There’s a better way. You CAN be solid and whole!

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a strong support system to heal and rebuild your life.
  • How to regain balance when everything in your life is thrown out of sync.
  • The tools and practices to gain confidence and peace to live your best life.
  • How to foster and grow healthier and more fruitful relationships that bless your life.
  • What to do to cultivate health and wholeness in all four areas of your life (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical).
  • Powerful metaphors and word pictures that will transform how you see yourself and embrace your healing journey.
  • And much more!

This is a guidebook for healing, recovery, and a pursuit of wholeness in every area of your life to be your best self, regardless of what obstacles and pain you’ve experienced. In Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole, you’ll see author D Grant Smith’s journey after experiencing his own personal loss: divorce.

If you’ve experienced personal trials that have cost you peace, choose to love yourself today by getting this book.

You’re worth fighting for! Gain the tools and next steps to transform your life into health and wholeness now with this powerful Be Solid combo book pack!


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