The Essential Recipe For Effective Music Submissions


Author D Grant Smith is a seasoned radio industry pro, radio show host, former station manager, and music curator who specializes in helping musicians like you take your work to the next level by growing your audience through media features. If you are tired of failed attempts at getting your music submitted to media (radio, blogs, podcasts, etc), this is the solution you’re looking for.


Every day DIY musicians and PR music marketers pitch songs to media. Often these marketing attempts fail. Why?

Learn what keeps musicians from getting the media features on radio, blogs, podcasts, and playlists AND discover a proven recipe to stand out in the music marketplace.

This ebook provides examples of what works for getting music submissions accepted to build your audience and grow your network of industry contacts.

You’ll see examples of effective music submissions, what types of emails work best, and perfect tips on exactly what to do in order to get your music submissions accepted by media.


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