The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook (Paperback)

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If Dale Carnegie wrote How To Win Friends & Influence People for modern musicians it would read like this!

diy musicians radio handbook print how to get radio airplayThe DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook:

How To Growth Hack Your Fan Base & Build Stronger Networks Using Indie Radio Airplay

Submitting music to radio stations, radio programs, college radio, commercial radio, online radio stations and beyond is a very simple process. It just takes a system that organizes your outreach in a finely tuned method, just like a good guitar on a record.

The keys to growing your music through indie radio have to do with how you reach out to radio and what your ultimate purpose for reaching out is. What can indie radio give you beyond airplay? Find out in the book.

3 Big Takeaways From The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook

  1. Proven step-by-step process that has worked for the best DIY, indie and unsigned artists to get radio airplay and gain the attention of music influencers for incredible growth
  2. How to target the right stations for your music and how to communicate shared value with station managers
  3. Principles and methods to use to build relationships with music industry professionals that makes for bigger and better wins for your music and your career.


Here’s what musicians and industry pros are saying about the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook:

The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook is really awesome! You don’t find one of these just anywhere. Not only does this book give first hand advice, but it also states what sources you shouldn’t use and WHY. That’s fantastic to me! All of the steps and tips are explained thoroughly and thoughtfully. Overall, The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook seems like the perfect way to get a great start on your music career. The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook is five stars!”

-Emily at The Book Review Adventure

“Learning an instrument can never be taken away from you, and neither can the things in the Radio Handbook. There are no theories or “ought-to-do’s”. Everything is based on proven principals. You can apply it anywhere and see results. I encourage you to give D’s book a read, internalize what he teaches, and go practice it. Doing that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. I know, because I’ve personally experienced the results of following the principals D teaches in the Radio Handbook. And the difference they make can truly change your life.”

-Greg Wilnau, musician and host of the Musician Monster Podcast

“It’s an essential reading for any music act new to the world of radio promotion. Although someone who has already been pitching their music to stations should find a lot of use in the practical parts of the book, such as tips on researching relevant contacts, or email templates. The cool part: if you are interested in hiring a radio plugger, or placing your music in music blogs, or even being signed by a label, the advice you can find in the book will come handy, too.”

-Andrew Apanov, We Spin Podcast & Dotted Music


By incorporating these methods and principles into your music marketing, you’ll have even better results. You’ll be getting your music showcased by great music curators to growth farm your audience. Get The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook now!


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