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stepping into your power training d grant smith*Newly Released: Go From People-Pleaser To Hero By Stepping Into Your Power

(Video Training Course) Do you struggle with people-pleasing patterns? You do whatever it takes to gain other people’s acceptance and validation because you don’t believe in yourself.

The effects of people-pleasing patterns negatively impact your life, relationships, and even career. Overcome these patterns and change your life now with this course.

What you’ll learn & gain from this course

  • Overcome people-pleasing patterns and insecurity
  • Stop hiding from others out of fear and insecurity
  • Own your voice and speak with confidence and certainty
  • Overcome the voices/thoughts of doubt, worry, and low self-esteem
  • Operate from a place of wholeness in who you are that carries into your relationships, business/professional life, and beyond
  • Live authentically as your full self without hiding any parts of who you are
  • Attract the right people into your life to help you bring your dreams into reality



Recover From Broken Relationships & Attract True Love

This course covers areas of mental and emotional health, emotional intelligence, spirituality, healthy relationships, dating, and marriage.

If you’ve experienced rejections, abandonment, and cheating from a former partner or spouse, you will gain the tools needed to heal your heart and mind so that you can move forward in life with peace.

Gain powerful techniques and tools that can be used anytime to free your mind from overthinking, stress, and feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

What you’ll learn & gain from this course

  • Recover mentally and emotionally from heartbreak, divorce, or end of a relationship
  • Recover mentally and emotionally from rejection and abandonment trauma
  • Gain inner peace after emotional loss and pain from the end of a relationship
  • Recover from being cheated on, betrayed, and/or abandoned by a partner
  • Freedom from mental and emotional wounds after the end of a relationship
  • How to forgive people from painful experiences of the past so you can move on
  • How to grow in confidence and solidarity in your own self-worth
  • Gain a rich and deep understanding of key elements of self-Love and how to foster them in your daily life

CourseMarks rated this course in the top 10% of similar courses. Recover From Broken Relationships & Attract True Love rating




Have Knock-Out Power Confidence In Life & Relationships

(Video Training Course): Escape Seeking Validation, Insecurities, & Fears To Become A Truly Confident Person To Get What You Want In Life.

In this course, gain inspiration from boxing to change the way you see yourself.

By using the methods and principles taught in this course, you will transform into a confident, solid, and powerful person.

What you’ll learn & gain with this course

  • Strong confidence and greater self-respect
  • Overcome fear, insecurity, and not believing in yourself
  • Rise above negative experiences including rejection, bullying, and struggles in relationships to operate from inner power and confidence
  • Overcome people-pleasing patterns, codependency, and low self-worth to have healthy, strong, and Loving relationships

 Knock-Out Power Confidence-Transform Your Self Concept rated this course in the top 10% of similar courses.