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How To Promote Your Music With No Money

Hey indie musicians and emerging artists starting out: Read and Engage with Small Business Media.

6172115189_f0b6c08598_zWhy? Because that’s what you are, a small business. You have a custom product (you and your creative work) that you are trying to market and sell to people across your region, state and country. Guess what? You’re a Small Business Owner.

If money is tight and you’re having a hard time deciding how to move forward, you’re in the same boat as 90% of small business owners around the county. Most musicians don’t like to think about business or the details of their financial situations. But those who operate this way continue to struggle with making more money with their music.

Too often I see artists who say they don’t have the budget or money to put themselves out there because they’re “not on a label or anything like that.” Labels don’t pay for everything folks, even the indie ones. Unless you’re shooting for a special packaged deal, you might be gunning solo with your operation budget for your music career. This means you may have low money to work with for a while unless you approach your setup differently.  Have you set a budget for what you’re going to do this quarter or this month? That’s one thing you should definitely look at.

While everything you do in this business will cost you something (at the very least time, energy, and probably some moolah), there are ways to get your product out to the people you’re trying to reach without breaking the bank or even shelling out more than a few bucks.


Here’s some inspiration from a guy who used to rough it the hard way. He’s pretty straight-forward in his presentation and we can all take a page out of his book. His answer to the end question, about halfway through the video, regarding how to market in a world where messaging bombardment is taking place every second of every day. At the end of the day, the quality is the most important thing. “The event of the distribution is what’s important.”

Read his story here from Inc Magazine

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