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Why Having The Right Attitude Is The Key To Success

We tend to think of the elusive thing called “success” in loose terms. Money. Acclaim. Notoriety. Fame.

In a holistic sense, success can be defined as freedom in every area of your life from finances to relationships, business to fun. What is your attitude on success? If you find yourself in a place of comparing your accomplishments to anyone else, success has a feeling that isn’t uplifting. Having the right attitude is the perfect key you need for success.

This goes without saying but I’ve seen and experienced it WAY too many times to name. Even recently, I had a long conversation with a guy on one of my social channels who had a really terrible attitude all the way through about his current state of business. He works in radio and has a station with (I presume) a decent audience size. But no matter what ideas or options we talked about, the prognosis in his mind was that the situation was hopeless because he had no money.

I understand that. It’s really hard to get started doing anything, regardless of your market or industry, and even regardless of the experience you bring to the table or your personal connections to help you.

Getting traction is really difficult. Musicians especially face an uphill battle going from completely unknown to known because there are SO many people making music, and the industry is BRIMMING with talent. However, despite all the competition and noise, it is possible to be heard and to make money with your product.

But failure to have the right attitude about this possibility (nay I say even chance), and you determine the fate you’ve chosen: failure.

Attitude is everything

Want more proof: read the so-called secrets or insights from some of history’s most successful people. I didn’t say the music industry’s most successful people or even business leaders most successful individuals. I said History.

If the name Dale Carnegie doesn’t mean anything to you, you need to visit a library and at least read the description of How To Win Friends And Influence People. This book is mandatory reading for anyone trying to make money in any business or industry. His other big book is How To Stop Worrying And Start Living. All of his books, written in the early 1900s, correspond to the same theme: your thoughts and attitudes determine the reality you live in.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

How HISTORY shows this principle to be true

I’ll name just a few other highly successful people in business and entertainment who have the exact same philosophy and have risen from poverty and the complete unknown to fame, wealth, and/or international notoriety. These individuals are Oprah Winfrey, Grant Cardone, Will Smith, Seth Godin, Lisa Nichols, Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman, and others. Each of these folks are world-renowned in their industries and have overcome tremendous obstacles on the path to success. What do they all have in common: a positive attitude.

Staying positive despite what challenges present themselves in your life is certainly not easy. Which is why is it so uncommon. The easy option is to wallow in your sorrows, accept the thoughts that success will always elude you, and close your mind off to possibilities for improvement.

This is common. Despite the fact that the Universe doesn’t like this attitude, the people you are associated with don’t favor it either. You probably know a few people who see the glass as either half-empty or never having a drop in it, regardless of what is going on in their world. After a few conversations, these people will make you feel terrible about the world you know and become a huge drag on your emotions. Most of the time, you find yourself consciously and subconsciously avoiding them.

Sometimes life throws stuff at you that totally messes up your attitude and there’s nothing you can do about it. Heartbreaking experiences do that. When you get impacted in a devastating way, having a positive attitude can seem impossible. And sometimes feeling the feels is what you need to experience in these times. That’s a big subject, and covered more specifically in my book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole.

No one enjoys the smell of stepping in an attitude issue

Consequently, if you adopt a similar attitude of failure, people will avoid you too. The same people who might be drawn to your unique offering and work will begin to be repelled by the stink of that bad attitude.

A good friend told me a great line that fits perfectly in here as it applies to anything involving business, prospects, and being successful. He says, “Disparity is a terrible stench and no one wants to smell it. When people only hear how terrible things are for you, it doesn’t lead to them wanting to do business with you. Charity is the best that you can hope for, and still that has a short shelf life.”

A few people might be honest with you about why they are not as supportive as they once were, but most will remain silent. And you’ll be left wondering why.

growth farming for success affirmations positive attitude transformation d grant smithAvoid carrying a bad attitude with you altogether. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, people, uplifting messages and a belief that good things will happen for you. Regardless of what you may be seeing or feeling in the moment.

What you plant inside your heart and mind creates the fruits of your life. This is certainly true about the attitude you carry around. You are the creator of the world you live in.

This is the power of your thoughts. If you want to plant the seeds for success, prosperity, and peace, read Growth Farming Affirmations For Success.

If your attitude needs an adjustment (think chiropractor for this kind of adjustment), let’s talk. A little encouragement for you can go a long way. Get on my calendar for a short 20 minute conversation here. Talk with you soon!

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