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Skyrocket Your Audience Growth With Media-Ready Ebook


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Radio. Media. Online Music Influencers.

One of the best ways for indie artists, DIY musicians, and unsigned bands to gain exposure and grow their fan base without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on social media advertisements.

Getting your music heard on Indie Media is a great way to boost your exposure to new audiences, cultivate your fan base and improve your ability to land better gigs. But how can you get added to more radio stations? If you’ve spent any time contacting web and FM radio stations and not received a reply, read this Free ebook (revised).

Working as a program host for The Appetizer Radio Show and a station manager for over a decade, I’ve received countless solicitations and submissions from bands wanting me to play their music. Many of these submissions don’t communicate clearly what the artist wants (or needs). They also don’t do what’s in the best interest of the band from a communication or branding standpoint, leading to the music not getting added.

Still, other submissions are from artists who simply aren’t ready to be heard on radio yet. The reasons for this are explained in this ebook. Gaining radio airplay seems like it’s as simple as scouring the web to find stations, blogs and platforms who accept submissions, filling out an online form and then getting radio airplay.

Experience will show you that there’s more to it than that.

If you’ve struggled with gaining radio airplay, or even just getting a radio station to respond to your submission, this Radio Ready Ebook will show you exactly the steps to take to make your radio submission work, as well as give you insights into how to take all of these leaps and bound further.

Get even more audience growth through effective music marketing

diy musicians radio handbook print how to get radio airplayEverything in this easy eBook is the starting point for getting your music heard on indie media (radio, blogs, podcasts, etc).

Take these tips to the next level by grabbing the award-winning playbook for music media coverage, The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook.

Really skyrocket your media coverage and be your own PR Badass in The Ultimate Connection Bundle. Here you get 2 courses in one, plus eBooks, videos, and relationship building tactics to launch your music career to a whole new level.

Gain a step-by-step process to learn how to do music marketing the right way, see how the big, expensive marketers and promotion companies do it, grow your contact list of influencers who you actually know (and who know you back), get multiple features on media and more.

All inside the Ultimate Connection Bundle.



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    1. Thanks for the note. I checked and tested the feed and it’s working on our end (with our server/host). It could be something with Google on a temporary end. If you continue to have problems, try accessing our RSS from a different location. If it still is giving you issues, please let me know.

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  3. […] I’ve given you the basics here. But before you start this process of contacting radio for airplay, there are three BIG things you need to have in place that will ensure the experience works for the music curator/radio platform will give you their time and attention. Each one is detailed in this FREE eBook. […]

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