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Benji Rogers, The DIY Artist Route & You


Episode 8: Benji Rogers by D Grant Smith on Mixcloud


If you want real success in the creative industries, music in particular, you’ve got to aim your audience growth at connecting with a particular type of fan. You want the diehard, passionate superfan who will break their bank (and their backs) to support your work.

These folks are incredibly uncommon, but worth more than I could ever describe in a single blog article (which is why this is such a regular topic here on the blog.

One of the best teachers I’ve found, and outspoken advocates for superfans is Benji Rogers. He’s such an influential presence in the realm of building a successful career, I had to bring him on the DIY Artist Route Podcast.

BenjiRogersBenji is one of the biggest movers and shakers in indie music today. The founder of Pledge Music, he’s a profound and outspoken advocate for Super Fans.

You’ve heard me talk at length, including multiple webinars and past blog posts on the power of utilizing your super fan group of audience.

Now, Benji will give you even more reason to key in and make your super fans the focus of your growth strategy.

Aside from the talk about super fans, which does dominate much of our conversation, Benji Rogers also shares a lot about how to do crowdfunding the right way using Pledge Music.

Pledge Music was launched on the same day as Kickstarter, and there is a lot of good things Benji says about the crowdfunding platform. But the key difference is the way that Pledge Music engages with campaign creators (musicians and artists) and the support members who fund the campaigns.

This key difference ties in perfectly with why your focus on your super fans should be first, and let everyone else follow suit on their own.

Takeaways just for you

Benji is a quote machine. Nearly the entire call was spent trying to keep up with the gold that was pouring from his mouth, which are applicable to both musicians and creative entrepreneurs who can see how to take these principles and apply them to their work.

Listen to this action-packed episode for how to put the guidance of Benji into play (aside from the freebie at the bottom of this post). Here are some great lines from our discussion:

“Ultimately all music is free. But what isn’t free is the making-of. If you lift that lid just a bit, you get the magic.”

“Artists tend to forget that what they do is fascinating to people who can’t do it.”

“You allow fans access to that deeper level while it happens. What if you could get a VH1 Behind the Music while it’s happening? Artists can choose to give as much or as little away as possible. It’s really about a personal connection.”

“Each Super fan is your digital gold, they are the ones that value your business moving forward. That’s your tribe, that’s your community. They’re your weird ones and that’s what’s fun.”

“What I want Pledge to become is the largest Super fan community in the world, owned by the artists that bring their fans to the table, because ultimately we don’t own those fans. The artist does.”

“The #1 place artists fail is email lists. Pushing your fans to third party platforms for engagement is a mistake.”

“17% of all music fans categorize themselves as Super-Fans, but they also make up for over 60% of all the revenue in the music industry.”

Put the insights from this podcast to work for your career, and grow your SuperFan audience tribe with a free strategy session with me here.


Episode 8: Benji Rogers by D Grant Smith on Mixcloud

The Power Of A Super Fan For Your Music

When you think of one of your Super Fan, who comes to mind? Are there attributes of this person that you can identify?

It’s important to recognize one very important characteristic to this person so that you can fully appreciate the impact they have on your music. It has everything to do with choice, selection and discerning through the myriad of options to choose one particular thing.


I like illustrating with pictures and images, so watch this video to see my point:

You may be thinking: “What does Superman have to do with what you’re talking about? You really think someone who simply enjoys my music to the point of being what you call a “super fan” is a super hero?”

When that enjoyment is more than just enjoyment but passionate following to the point of supporting your artistry it’s quite different than just being a fan of someone. A super fan doesn’t just enjoy your music. For them it has so much more meaning. Yes I do think a super fan is like a super hero, because the passion that they has for your art is really, really powerful stuff. Beyond that, it’s also not as common. Super fans are not your ordinary followers.

Benji Rogers, founder of Pledge Music, is a music Super-fan. He’s also a big proponent of Super Fans and the value they bring to artists who really want to do amazing things with their music. Pledge Music is built around the experience of direct-to-fan presentation of music by artists who are conscious of the real process of great art. As my DIY Artist Route & You podcast series continues later this week, Benji will be my guest for a deeper discussion on the value of Super-Fans and how you can build powerful projects with them.

There are countless bands and musicians out there, all making great art. Some musicians are  just creating noise. Your super fan base has very selective hearing, and has discerned through every other sound to find you and choose you.

movies-man-of-steel-henry-cavillCan you honestly tell me there’s not a powerful feeling that comes from knowing you’ve been chosen among other possibilities? What this feeling should do is allow you to be more appreciative of these very unique individuals and the love they have for your art.

Reward this passion and see it spread. You’ll find yourself among more super powered fans and followers than you imagined, and more success with your music.