The Literal Key To Getting Unstuck

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Do you ever just feel stuck? Like you don’t know what you’re supposed to do or how to move forward with your life? When you feel this way it’s hard to find the key to getting unstuck.

I completely know and understand this feeling. 

You get an idea or an inspiration for something and start aggressively working on it. But then after a little bit, the passion starts to wane and you don’t see the changes you want.

And nothing happens. All that work. All that hope. You had a picture in your mind of what it was supposed to look like now but you don’t have anything to show for it.

So you start to lose faith in yourself

You start thinking disempowering things like “I’m not enough,” or “Nothing ever works out for me.”

Or maybe you just don’t know what your next step is supposed to be. So you search all over the internet for some kind of direction. And someone has an idea for something that might work but it feels too daunting and difficult for you to figure out.

Which is part of the problem by itself.

The idea that you have to "figure it out" is what keeps you stuck. 

The mind is a great problem solver. It’s always looking for answers to our problems and challenges.

And it operates on a basis of trying to know everything before it happens. Which is not the way life works.

Part of what keeps you stuck from being able to move forward is a need to control the outcome. To see all the steps before you take the first one.

Your heart doesn’t work this way

Your heart and body (where your soul and higher self are) take life one step at a time. That’s how faith works. 

You learn to go within and connect with your heart to be able to see what your next step is. Then take action without seeing everything perfectly line up ahead of time.

Persisting in the belief that what you’re doing, the steps you’re taking, and the dream you have is already done. Faith is trusting that what you imagine is already true before you see it or feel it with your five senses.

This is what Neville Goddard teaches concerning living in the wish fulfilled.

In the realm of money, we can see and understand this principle very clearly. In Neville’s book, Seedtime and Harvest, he shares this bit of wisdom:

“What would you think and say and do were you already the one you want to be? Begin to think and say and do this inwardly. You are told that ‘there is a rod in heaven that reveals secrets,’ and, you must always remember that heaven is within you; and to make it crystal clear who God is, where He is, and what His secrets are. Daniel continues, ‘Thy dream and the visions of thy head are these.’ They reveal the tracks to which you are tied, and point the direction in which you are going.”

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in growing your business. You’ve tried all the methods and tactics that the business success gurus say to do but nothing is going like they said it would. 

You’re tired of wasting time and money on stuff that isn’t getting you anywhere. It feels like you’re in a pit of despair and losing hope by the minute.

Or you might feel stuck in a relationship that isn’t going the way you want it to. Maybe there’s a disconnection and no matter what you try to do to get things moving again, it’s just not working. This can lead to you wanting to quit and give up. But there’s another way to gain the key to getting unstuck.

How can you get out of this pit and back on track?

Remember the scene in the movie “The Never-Ending Story” when Atreyu and Artax are trying to get a cure for the Childlike Empress and stop the Nothing from taking over?

They have to journey through the Swamp of Sadness. It’s one of the most gripping scenes in the movie because Atreyu’s gift is his undying confidence in himself. But his best friend Artax (his horse) struggles to keep believing they can make it.

This scene is such a powerful metaphor for our lives and what can happen to us if we let any kind of disappointment or negative beliefs take over how we see ourselves. Because we can get stuck in the swamp of disbelief and drown there.

The mind is constantly looking for evidence that things are going a certain way. The mind is where all the stories of your life are stored. But it’s in the mind where we can get stuck. 

When the mind is fed stories of lack and suffering, it recalls past experiences to tell you why you’re going to fail. It uses these stories to try and keep you safe from experiencing further pain.

Yet it’s by faith in the unseen that change happens. It’s operating from faith and creating a new vision in your mind where true transformation and success happen.

I’ve been fortunate to experience some very powerful teachers (one I quoted earlier) who have helped me on this transformational journey. Through the proverbial swamp of sadness and come out on the other side full of faith, hope, confidence, and clarity.

The key to clarity is within you

The true key to getting unstuck and knowing your next step is to do two essential things:

1. Connect with your heart and be directed by your soul

2. Change the story that your mind believes to be true about who you are and what you’re capable of

We’re not trained or taught how to connect with our hearts. We’re taught to grow our intellectualism and problem-solving to move forward in life.

Yet it’s from the direction of our hearts that the mind is the most powerful. Because when the mind is operating from inspiration and the clear direction that you give it, it can create a pathway to move you forward.

Move forward with power

This is what it means to be in alignment with yourself. When your heart, soul, body, and mind are working together in tandem, all things are possible. 

I’m experiencing this phenomenon in a few different ways right now. I’ve recently reconnected with some individuals with whom I had a strained relationship. My mind kept telling me stories about rejection. Then I listened to my heart and followed the wisdom there. I changed the story I believed in my mind. 

Recently, we saw each other at an event and reconnected. It was a mutual reconnection. The past was forgiven and now there are opportunities to collaborate and connect more.

That’s just one example.

There are others. One that’s very recent is my struggle with getting a refinance of my house to go through. I tried for two years to make that happen but I couldn’t get everything I needed for it to work. Then, after some prayerful surrender, I decided to change the story in my mind from “this isn’t ever going to happen” to “I have refinanced my house and now have lower bills.”

There have been a few hoops I had to go through. And I’ve had to persist in the wish fulfilled (meaning, regardless of what obstacles or difficulties popped up in the process, I kept repeating to myself “It is done. I’ve closed on the refinance). Persistence in choosing to believe what you want to experience is essential to you not only getting unstuck, but living out the dreams and desires you have.

When you use your mind as the visionary platform for creating desires and imagine what life is like with the wish fulfilled, you will get unstuck. You will also live the life of your dreams. Because you are the creator of your reality.

Moving into this place requires persistence because very few things change on the first try.

Persistence is key to having patience

You must be persistent to get unstuck. Because moving from a place of despair and hopelessness and into a place of peace and success is a process.

Don’t give up when things don’t magically work out the first time you try this.

Part of the practice of having faith is also having patience. Patience is the first ingredient in Love. It’s operating with peace in all things, faith in all things, trust in all things, and doing all of this with persistence.

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Embrace the process of getting unstuck

Let your mind be the creator of what you want to experience. Imagine it. Feel it. Go within to your heart place and affirm to yourself that you already have what you desire. Connect with this divine part of you.

Because it’s in your heart garden where you connect with the divine source of all of life. Cultivating seeds of Love and hope to produce the tree of Life from within. The heart is where the river of all dreams and possibilities flows.

Connect with your heart. Connect with your soul. Allow your mind to be imaginative instead of problem-solving. Harmonize with the divine connection you have with your higher power.

And as you bring yourself into alignment and get your heart & mind gardens to work together, everything will chance. You’ll receive clarity on the one next step to take. And the peace that comes with this.

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Learn exactly what to do to get unstuck now

Do you want some help in this process of getting unstuck? I’d be happy to show you what I do to get unstuck and experience transformation. We can even do an exercise together to give you some clarity and peace. You can move forward with your life, build stronger relationships, and experience success.

Let’s talk over a virtual coffee.

 It’s totally free. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let’s do it!

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