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Do you feel like you’re waiting for your dreams to come true and to experience abundance?

You’ve set the intentions, made the vision board, and done the big dreaming. Now it’s just a waiting game to see it happen, right?

Sorry my friend. The waiting room in the building of dreams is just that: Endless waiting.

Rise up from the waiting room now to experience abundance

I came to this realization several months ago, but it’s taken me a while to really come to grips with it.

There’s a LOT I’ve been dreaming of for several years that hadn’t happened for me.

I kept praying, wishing, and hoping. I kept telling myself it was coming soon, on it’s way, going to happen any day now…

But you can see that the spirit, energy, and sentiment in all of those things is that it’s not here yet. Which implies waiting.

As you know, the beliefs you hold at a core level is what the Universe presents back to us.

So if we’re telling the universe that we’re waiting for our dreams to come true, It’s going to give us more experiences in waiting.

They key to being able to experience abundance (money, success, Love, etc.) is to stop waiting and start living.

All of us hate the Waiting Room

Whether it’s at the doctor’s office, your accountant, or any place where you’re going to meet with someone, the concept of a place with a designated purpose of making you wait is a true test of patience in the worst context.

On the subject of patience, here’s a completely different way to look at it that you haven’t considered before.

And since most of us have been conditioned to believe that having patience is about waiting for something to happen, we tell ourselves that it’s a part of the process.

But what if it isn’t?

Upon realizing that I’ve kept myself in an endless waiting room, I’ve chosen to get up and go somewhere else.

Now, I’m staying in the Living Room, not the waiting room.

It’s interesting the names we give to places that are also states of consciousness, isn’t it?

This way of looking at states of consciousness like rooms in a house or building is also a great way to imagine, feel, and experience life.

Waiting gets monotonous and boring. But living is what we all signed up to do.

I admit that I still have a tendency of looking around for what’s not here that I want and even chasing after it at times. Success, money, travel opportunities, etc.

And while I’m in the room of waiting and looking for it, I’m operating in a state of lack that it’s not here.

But it’s all consciousness

Retaining my mind and heart and relearning how to live in a state where it’s already done is the key to staying in the Living room.

It’s why putting into practice having the imaginal scenes and inner conversations from the state of the wish fulfilled is so important.

Any action that needs to be taken to fulfill that desire comes naturally when we operate from this level of consciousness. Instead of trying to force action to get a result.

There’s trust in this too

The ways, means, and timing of the Universe is beyond our human control. Thank God!

“His ways are higher than our ways” is what the scriptures say.

So getting out of our own way so the Universe can flow in the best ways frees us from the purgatory of the waiting room.

And puts us in a place where life can truly flow and be experienced.

d grant smithAbout Me: Hi, I’m D Grant Smith, the Growth Farmer of Personal Development Through the Lens of Spirituality and Storytelling.

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