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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what you want but struggling to make it happen?

Mindset is an important part of the personal growth journey.

However, the real superpowers of transforming your life are found in your heart, not your head.

Change how you FEEL to change your life.

The feeling is the secret.

In the recent AI revolution, we see the power of robots to do things for us. However, robots lack a central dynamic that all humans have: HEART.

Robots can repeat statements but only humans can feel emotions.

Don’t be a robot and utilize only your mind in the personal growth process. Utilize the power of your heart.

When you change how you feel, your whole life changes.

The power of the HEART

The Heartmath institute has done studies that reveal the heart emits an energy frequency that is 5000 times as powerful as the mind.

So while mindset and thinking positively makes a difference in our lives, it’s nothing compared to the superpowers found in the heart.

We are all gardeners tending to our personal growth

Treating the mind and heart like a garden puts us in direct control over how we think and feel. This is a principle I use called Growth Farming.

When we choose to bring feeling into our thoughts and desires, and feel as though we already have them, everything changes.

And while cultivating strong and empowering beliefs is an important step in this process, don’t leave your heart out of the equation.

Here are a few powerful feelings to incorporate into your affirmation and meditation practice:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Peace 
  3. Relief 
  4. Joy.

The feeling is the secret to growing, cultivating, and harvesting Love in your inner garden.

Use feeling today to experience and immediate shift in your consciousness and in what you attract into your life. I believe in you!


d grant smithAbout Me: Hi, I’m D Grant Smith, The Growth Farmer of Personal Development Through the Lens of Spirituality and Storytelling.

I help people transform by growing LOVE from within the garden of your heart-mind-spirit-body to live the story of your dreams.

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