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To grow your business, you need customers. But why would customers buy from you?
It doesn’t matter what it is (offering tangible/intangible products and services), there’s an underlying motive behind every customer’s decision-making.
As much as you may think it’s based on a need customers have, the truth is buying decisions are based on something else.
We all make buying choices based on emotions. That’s why so many marketing slogans and offers use tactics that hit on pain points. This is not always an effective way to grow your business.

This is old school marketing lingo.

Here are some examples:
“Back to school sale, save 75% off now!”
“This offer is only available for a limited time and there are only a few spots left so get in now!”
“Now serving 90% of the entire (industry) market!”
What is missing from these tactics is the actual key that unlocks the doors for buyers to choose you.

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Using EMOTION to grow your business.

Emotion comes from the passion behind WHY you do what you do, not the products or services themselves.
How do you connect your why with your customers needs & wants?
The best way to bridge the gap between your customers and your business is through the power of storytelling.
Telling stories is a natural pathway to connecting with people. Stories foster care vs transactional relationships based on price or features.
Some of the most successful businesses have risen from being considered small potatoes to dominating their industry through the power of storytelling.

How storytelling helps you grow your business.

Some of the most successful businesses tell stories about their customers, and provide an inspirational calling card for others who want to be like them.
The movie Air (from 2023 starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) told the story of how Nike was a fledgling shoe maker in the 1980s. They were losing to Adidas and Converse in the athletic/sports shoe market. They were known for running shoes. But they wanted to cross over into basketball and the NBA.
Unlike their competitors, who already had a roster of big named NBA stars as brand ambassadors, Nike decided to go all-in on just one athlete. They decided to make Michael Jordan the poster child for a generation to feel like they could be great.
Feeling inspired to tap into the greatness within was the story they built the Air Jordan brand around. And we know what that has done to revolutionize athletic shoes as well as the Nike corporation since.
For the small business owner or entrepreneur who is struggling to get customers, a comparison tale about Nike might seem like a stretch.
You don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising budget to make that kind of leap or take that kind of risk. That’s ok.

Here’s another story that hits closer to home.

Evan Carmichael might be a name you know or have heard of. He spent his early years in business struggling to make ends meet. He almost gave up on it all when he couldn’t find a way to make money with his online business.
But in a last-ditch effort, he decided to shift gears and started reading about successful people to gain insights into what they do. He used the power of storytelling to share the lessons he’s learned with millions of people all over the world.
You’ll see him sharing the wisdom he’s gained from Oprah Winfrey, Jordan Peterson, Tony Robbins and other thought leaders in his videos.

Evan is a conduit for the sharing inspiration of successful people.

Now his Youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers. He teaches entrepreneurs how to level up their Youtube channel for maximum growth and success.
From this example, Evan made his story about showcasing other people’s wisdom to help serve and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs who struggled like he once did.
Everything he shares on his channel is dedicated to providing inspiration and transformation for people who are now where he used to be.
It hits a powerful emotional nerve that connects with his audience and brings them back for more. Which also leads to people wanting to buy his products like his books, courses, and training programs.

Inspiration is a powerful tool to capture the hearts of your customers.

This goes far beyond just talking about your products and services, features and benefits, and any other WHAT associated with your business.
It’s all about the WHY.
Simon Sinek’s seminal book Start With Why addresses this decision making process exceptionally well.

As he states: “The part of the brain that controls our feelings has no capacity for language. It is not logic or facts but our hopes and dreams, our hearts and our guts, that drive us to try new things.”

I highly recommend Start With Why as a book to make you rethink marketing. Other great books to level up in your life, relationships and business are here. 

Why storytelling is such a powerful force to grow your business.

Storytelling connects with people’s limbic brain to connect the dots in a way the logical mind can’t.
The story connects the dots emotionally with the customer that hits home with them.
You put yourself in the mind of your customer through storytelling in a way that resonates with the ultimate driver for their buying choices.
When this is done right, magic happens.
How can you know what stories to tell to capture this magical power and transform your business?
Talk with me to gain clarity on how to transform your marketing, messaging, and customer connection.
I help individuals and businesses transform through heart-connection. Storytelling in a big piece of this process.
With Personal Development, I use the Growth Farming method for personal growth.
With businesses, I incorporate the same system in a different way to get to the heart and soul of the business. The WHY behind the products leads to the connection with your customers.

It’s all inside the story you tell.

When people connect on a heart level, true transformation takes place.
We feel empowered, enlightened, and connected to something bigger than ourselves.
We believe in ourselves and our unique superpowers to serve each other in greater capacities.

See why working with me will unlocked the magic of your message and create a more inspirational connection with your customers now.