Working with musicians, creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and community organizations has given me the opportunity to connect with some amazing people.

Helping people grow in their relationships for more success is my passion, not just my business.

Here are some of the testimonials from both musicians and young professionals who have worked with me and share their experiences.


“I’ve traveled the country, built a healthy network for myself, and gained a lot of important fundamentals, vital to success in my field.
Marketing is a key component to every successful business, but people often get the term confused with promotion.
Effective Marketing is based on your ability to build relationships, not your ability too simply promote a product.
Speaking with D Grant Smith and reading articles and emails of his different approaches to relationship building helped me to understand, lucrative marketing, and what myself and so many others were doing WRONG.
I changed my entire approach from promoting and pushing my product, (which I still do quite effectively) to slowing down and building real relationships with great people.
Learning to care about the people in your network and catering to their needs is the most effective way to gain life long consumers for your business.
I now have new interactions with great people DAILY that are vital to the lifeline, and growth of my business.
Consulting with D Grant Smith on effective marketing strategies is the best decision you could ever make for your business.”
Zey Chalz, music producer, songwriter, performer
suzanne yada yada creative marketing publicist
Suzanne Yada


“D Grant Smith’s wealth of knowledge on the music industry could fill any library, but his true strength is reminding you of the importance of connections and relationships.
He lives and breathes this philosophy every day, and it shows. It’s such a breath of fresh air to encounter someone as genuinely caring and committed as D Grant.
The music industry is infinitely better for it.”
Suzanne Yada, Founder, Signal Boost Collective; Musician



“As an artist who is currently running my own business as well as working multiple day jobs, it’s easy to fall behind on day to day administrative tasks.

D Grant Smith is excellent at sending kind but firm reminders to complete those tasks and has many useful ideas about how to make a musician’s life easier.

I highly recommend working with D Grant. He is creative, easy to talk to, makes good plans, and follows through on them!”

Jerzy Jung, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, New Jersey



JoshJones-Headshot“I had the great pleasure to work with D Grant in varying levels of leadership under his direction.

As I grow as a leader I have a greater understanding of the role that D Grant played in my development, and what it means to be a mentor.

Mr. Smith has the skill-set and the passion to guide students and peers to new levels of professional development and I stand as a testament to his success. I recommend him as a leader and mentor.”

Joshua Jones, Young Professional, San Diego, CA



ElliottParkD. Grant Smith is a pioneer in this brave new world. His expertise, ideas and true zeal for good music are assets to anyone trying to stand out in an ever-leveling music environment.

I have gained much from his industry knowledge and insight. Musicians wanting to find their place today MUST exploit the new resources available to them. These streams of networking and promotion can be difficult to navigate and having an honest confidant can save miles of wrong direction.

D. Grant can help your career. That’s the bottom line.”

Elliott Park, Billboard #1 Songwriter/Musician



Molly Longmire-SmallHeadshot“D Grant brings large-scale dreams to fruition- a vital skill set for anyone looking for help building their professional career.

He has spent years building relationships with radio stations across the country managing to get The Appetizer Radio Show available to listeners across North America.

He is able to use those years of experience, valuable connections, and innate patience to mentor and coach artists into reaching their potential.” 

-Molly Longmire, Nonprofit Fundraising Professional, St. Petersburg, FL




“As an artist, D Grant Smith has been an instrumental part of my career.

Supporting my work from the beginning of its inception, when I was still cutting demos in my basement.”

Lindsay Katt, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter and Performer, New York City