Welcome to you! I’m D Grant Smith and I help big-hearted people learn to Love themselves, stop seeking validation, and grow healthy relationships.

Many of us have been trained and programmed to try and earn Love, acceptance, and validation from others.

We build up codependency in relationships because we believe that Love, acceptance, and feeling complete come from someone or something outside of us.

So what do we usually do? We chase after it. Seeking, searching, trying to prove our worthiness.

Hoping someone else will find value in who we are.

Why? Because we can’t see it in ourselves.

When we do find love (or what we think is Love, notice the difference between “love” and “Love”), often it’s fleeting.

And we end up experiencing tension, drama, & issues we don’t know how to deal with.


Has this been your experience?

A codependent way of approaching others for validation is why so many people struggle with relationships. Whether it’s friendship, family, or romance, chasing after Love feeds all sorts of unhealthy patterns. And creates more brokenness.

The truth is we don’t need to search for LOVE. Because it’s already inside you!

You just haven’t known or been shown how to Love yourself fully so that you operate from the LOVE that you are.

The real key to happiness, fulfillment, and living your best life is to tend to your inner garden. And grow Love from within. This is a process I call Relationship Growth Farming.

When we apply this to the relationship with have with ourselves (self-Love), it impacts all our relationships in the best ways.

This is how I serve people from all walks of life. Particularly those of us who identify as big-hearted people.

Is that how you describe yourself, as a big-hearted person?

If you’ve struggled with maintaining healthy relationships, not felt confident or secure in yourself, experienced heartbreak you’ve not been able to get over, had a hard time finding a job or career that is fulfilling, struggled with money, or have searched for Love and not found it…..

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

What’s it like to learn directly from me through coaching or my workshops? See some of my client testimonials here.

LOVE is the key to everything you want in life

We are conditioned and taught that we have to earn the LOVE we seek. So we try to prove ourselves over and over again to earn Love, validation, and acceptance from others.

We search for approval. From friends, from our careers, from family, and from the person we connect with romantically. This is what codependency/people-pleasing is.

It leads to a lot of dysfunction and a continual pattern of roller-coaster experiences in relationships.

The truth is, LOVE (used in all caps because of its Divine power) is what holds you, me, the world, and the universe together. And it’s already in you.

This means, LOVE is who you are! We have to learn how to plant, cultivate, and grow the LOVE inside of us to have the life we dream of in our relationships, careers, passions, and personal lives.

If you want to experience more of the fullness of LOVE, you have to learn how to grow it inside of you.

And if you want help in making significant changes in your life, I’m here for you. The easiest way to connect with me is to reach out directly and ask for help.

My email address is [email protected] I invite you to connect with me by reaching out directly.

Let’s talk about real growth for a second:

Your heart and your mind are a garden.

What you plant inside yourself with your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns produce fruit in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s also what you’re going to attract more of into your life.

By planting & cultivating LOVE inside, you experience the Tree Of Life growing from within and impacting every area of your life and relationships.

Relationships are the primary aspect of all of our lives. Cultivating healthy relationships create your biggest successes, both personally and professionally.

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Sit in this truth for just a moment. Let it sink in.

What if you’ve experienced heartbreak and loss from a relationship and you’re struggling with just getting out of bed in the morning? The idea of finding Love is a distant concept. What can you do now to heal yourself?

That’s why I’m here.

There are a ton of tools, resources, and avenues for us to work together to help you grow Love from the inside out here for you.

The more you grow in self-Love, the more peace and confidence you have with yourself. The stronger and more healthy your relationships with others will be. The more successful you are in your career and professional life. The more connected you feel to God.

Love is the key to truly having your heart’s desire. Love is the fuel that makes for real happiness and success. We all want Love but we’re not taught how to give it to ourselves.

You can change that now but learning how Relationship Growth Farming works.

What’s Here For You:

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Books: Grow your relationship-building abilities, improve your communication, and create new opportunities for growth and success both personally and professionally.

Courses: Start with the basics of growing confidence and changing your self-concept to digging into the soil of self-Love to grow your inner heart garden with the core foundational elements. There are also incredible and impactful courses on meditation, self-worth, and the seminal Be Solid Training program which incorporates online teachings with personal coaching for the ultimate transformation program.


Has the need and desire for other people’s approval, acceptance or validation been holding you back? Want to change it?

Seeking validation is something many people struggle with. I did for a VERY long time.

And learned how to overcome it. If I can do it, so can you!

To help you be able to see some of the habits you have that are hindering you from the life you want, I’ve put together a great resource for you.

You’ll gain the tools to make changes for peace, clarity, and hope for a super-powered future.

And you’ll gain practical steps to take to grow in Self-Love, confidence, inner peace, and healthy relationships.

If you want more to can create real change in your life, grab these tools and get started now!



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