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d grant smith self-love teacher coach empowerment superheroDo you want more confidence, Loving relationships and personal success? 

In my training courses and programs, I’ll teach you what Love truly is, how it works, and how to give it to yourself more fully. With these powerful resources, you will be able to experience inner happiness, peace, and the life of your dreams.

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Most of all, you will receive a newfound way of understanding the depths of Love through my online courses and training programs. 

Whether it’s growing in confidence, fostering inner peace, healing from heartbreak, and growing a True Love relationship, utilize the courses and training provided in my full online school.

See all the resources and teachings available in the full online school for Growth Farming and learning how to Be Solid. 

You can also preview some of the lessons in each course in the curriculum section of the training course page. 

What areas of Self-Love do you want the most help in now? Below are the categories and areas of focus for you to utlize for your personal growth and transformation.

If you want a fully comprehensive training program that incorporates everything that the shorter coaches teach plus personal private coaching, see the Be Solid Training Program at the bottom of this page. 


What keeps you from having strong confidence? It’s belief in a story that is self-defeatist and focused only on flaws.

Perfectionism keeps so many people from rising up to live the life they dream of. Past insecurities, hurt, and failures become this tragic story you repeat to yourself constantly.

If you struggle with seeking validation from others, fears of rejection, and want to feel something other than despair, there are powerful resources here for you!

Grow your confidence by learning how to rewrite your story. Change your self-concept and step into the fullest version of yourself with the training gained here.

There are a few ways to do this using these powerful training and courses: Knockout Power Confidence Building 101 Masterclass, Awaken The Confidence Within Course, and Stepping Into Your Power Course.

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Details are available below:

confidence building training d grant smith

Knockout Power Confidence Building 101 Masterclass

Learn practical steps to take to let the negative stories of your past go so that you can operate more fully as the real you. Grow confidence in just 60 minutes from this incredible learning experience.

In this hour-long masterclass, we’ll explore a key scene from one of the most pivotal movies that have inspired my life: Rocky 3.

It’s not a scene with any fighting or boxing. It’s where Rocky has spent so much time dwelling on his loss. He’s unable to shake this experience. And it’s such a powerful metaphor for us and the negative experiences we’ve been through.

If you’ve struggled with repeating stories in your head about rejection, heartbreak, and emotional loss, you’re stuck in this place and unable to move forward. I’ve been there too.

confidence training course d grant smith

Awaken The Confidence Within

Negative beliefs will hold you back from experiencing happiness, peace, and reaching your true potential.

Seeking acceptance from others so that you feel confident is a way to keep you stuck in codependency.

Break free and awaken the confidence that’s already in you!

This incredible training course provides powerful teachings with practical steps and exercises for you to radically transform the way you see yourself and how you live your life.

Transform your life by becoming the version of you who is strong, confident, and solid in yourself.

stepping into your power confidence building training course d grant smith

Stepping Into Your Voice & Power Training Course

Do you know you have the power to create the life you want? It’s all in your mind. Your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself about the world around you determine your life experiences.

If you’ve been taught or programmed to believe that you have to get other people to accept you in order for you to be worthy, you’ve built a broken concept of yourself. Which causes problems and struggles in every area of life, relationships in particular.

Overcome people-pleasing patterns. Embody the superhero inside of you.

Stop hiding your true self and fully stop into your power and own your voice.

In this training course you’ll gain practical, simple, and powerful tools to completely transform the way you see yourself. Which impacts what you attract into your life such as Love, success, and abundance.

It’s all about you owning your voice and fully stepping into your power.

Take on a courageous way of living through this powerful training program.

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Meditation Teaching For Inner Peace

meditation training course d grant smith breath work guided meditation

One of the best resources to grow in yourself, operate from a place of peace, and gain inner healing is learning how to meditate. Meditation is not a complicated thing, though it’s easy to feel that way based on how culture has portrayed it.

Inside the 21 Days To Be The Peace training, you gain a combination of tools, training, and resources to learn both meditations as well as how to cultivate inner peace. This course provides three powerful guided meditations along with supplemental training (taught through video) for each day of the 21-day process.

You’ll also learn how to effectively use a regular journal practice with your meditation to grow in your self-awareness and mindfulness. This is an essential part of personal growth and development.

One other key to this course is the practice of breathwork. Breathwork is a breathing technique that literally change your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. You’ll learn simple methods you can use anytime that take very little time to instantly gain peace, calmness, and clarity.

One other bonus to this course is a private customized meditation session with me where I will lead you through a visionary meditation addressing whatever area of your life you want healing, peace, or growth in. This session is scheduled at the end of the course.

Join the Meditation Training now!


Self-Love Training Course

self-love training course be solid dgrantsmith

One of the keys to living a whole and healthy life is knowing how to Love yourself. Don’t you wish you were taught this in school?

Instead, we all have been conditioned and programmed to follow broken dynamics of relationships. When you lack the ability to fully Love yourself, it translates into struggles and difficulties in all of your relationships.

While the Be Solid book covers this subject in various ways (including some tools for practicing self-Love), getting into the core subject of the four most foundational elements of self-Love is what you gain in the Be Solid Self-Love Essentials Course.

These foundational elements are explored in detail with thorough teachings and exercises given for you to put them into practice in your life and relationships.

Your understanding of these aspects of Love will get a whole new makeover. You’ll learn how to transform your idea of Love and your idea of self into the best version of you.

AND…you’ll have a solid foundation for cultivating truly Loving and vibrant relationships in every area of your life, beginning with yourself. Join this incredible self-Love training program now!


Put Personal Coaching And Online Training Together

be solid training peace self love training


The Be Solid Training Program is the combination of powerful teachings on eight core elements of Love. 

In each training module, a series of thorough video lessons explore these areas on a deeper level. Gain a powerful understanding of key aspects of Love like kindness, forgiveness, grace, and patience.

There are also bonus modules added periodically to further advance your understanding of Love including inner child healing.

Your beliefs about Love and yourself impact all of your decisions and choices. Learn how to create the reality that you desire with this program.

You will also be given tools, exercises, and questions to answer during the online training portion to cultivate more Love for yourself from within. And you’ll be given a free PDF copy of the Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole ebook.

And all of this pairs with live personal coaching too!

Following each teaching module, there is a  one-hour private coaching session given to you. Here we’ll explore the subject more deeply and see how it applies to your life.

Ask any questions and gain practical tools for applying these aspects of Love into your life during our session together.

The results you’ll experience are a super-empowered belief in yourself, healthy & Loving relationships, and growing personal success.

Buy this training now and receive bonus coaching sessions to take your growth and self-Love journey even further.