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How Radio Promotion Is Done Right With Jesse Barnett

RelationshipBeing a radio host, I’m plugged into different parts of this industry. I’m connected to radio stations, artists, managers, radio promoters, and listeners alike. I see things from the perspective of a radio station manager, music director, program host, and curator when it comes to music submissions. I do also see things from the perspective of the artists. It might seem like these are two opposing viewpoints, but they’re not.

Not if you look at it the right way.

Jesse Barnett

Jesse Barnett

Jesse Barnett (Right Arm Resource) is one who sees the harmony between the musicians and the media platforms who showcase their work. It’s a team effort, where both sides win when they work together. Look folks, there’s no I in team. We know that. It’s cliched. But how often do you, musicians, look at your music promotions to radio as something that offers a benefit to the station you reach out to other than them “getting to play” your music?

Radio and musicians win when there’s a relationship connection in place. That’s why public, community, indie and college radio continue to be powerhouses in the modern media-rich world. Relationships matter. Make that a focus and you’ll see bigger and better wins in your music promotion.

This podcast episode is about just that: relationships. Jesse is the best in the business of radio promotion because he puts relationships first. He has worked with and represented some big names in indie music including Damien Rice, They Might Be Giants, Cage The Elephant, and others. And he works with smaller indie labels and artists too, quite successfully I might add.

We talk about the power of networking and relationship building a lot in this episode because it’s the real key to achieving anything that lasts. Trust me. Or better yet trust Jesse. We’re both proof of this. Radio is a conduit between people who share interest, love, and stories driven by music. When radio works best is when it builds communities together of people who share these areas. That’s not the same thing as it being a platform that just plays music and has listeners. That’s boring commercial radio, which you’re not listening to.

One other thing that is mentioned a few times in this podcast episode is The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, which illustrates the exact things we talk about in a How-To format. Jesse has read it and shares his thoughts on it. It’s easy for me to tell you that you need this book. However, you decide how much you want to succeed. If you want to win, and you want long term wins, go grab the book here.

After you listen to this, if you get just 1 thing out of it (which I know is an understatement because you’ll get way more than that), do your part in the growth farming process and plant a seed with 3 of your music friends (i.e. share the episode). Cultivate it with me here, and let me know what 1 thing you got the most from in this conversation. We’ll talk soon!

3 Paths Of Help For Songwriters

The music industry is ever changing for emerging songwriters and artists who are trying to navigate their next steps, any help you can get is greatly appreciated. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great individuals in this business who are successful in different ends of it. Fortunately for us, they also have blogs and platforms where they share their insight and experiences which benefit us. I want to plug you into their platform so you can benefit from what they have to say to give you a better grid for your decision-making process.


KSCR_400x400 Resource 1: Radio KSCR

This is one of the premier web radio stations out of California. Internationally recognized, their programs cover the gambit of music styles and their listeners regularly engage in the bands that are featured. Getting on to this station can be a great way to start (or continue) your band marketing to other college outlets. Their social media (Facebook in particular) provides regular links to articles of significance for musicians and songwriters. Check them out here.



ShellyResource 2: Shelly Peikin

Shelly is the self-proclaimed “Serial Songwriter.” Her songwriting credits include hits for Christina Aguilara, Meredith Brooks and Natalie Cole, though she’s also written for a great many more well-known names in music. Her blog has incredible insight into what it takes to be in the professional songwriting business, where you write for other people in hopes they will take your song to the studio. It’s a lot more complicated than it seems, and the ever-changing state of the music industry hasn’t been kind to this avenue of its content creators. However, Shelly remains hopeful and continues crafting her brilliance. Follow her on Facebook for insights.



JesseHeadshot09 Resource 3: Right Arm Resource

There are some excellent music and band promotion companies representing truly remarkable talent. Many of them send me music on a weekly basis from artists all over the country in a variety of styles and genres. Right Arm Resource, run by Jesse Barnett, is one of the best. Aside from the great work they do as a promotion company, Jesse also writes a regular newsletter that gives insights into what’s trending in indie music and what’s working well for artists in their marketing avenues. Check out their site for more info.