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Do You Experience These Ailments & Obstacles: Fear, Negativity, Doubts, Worries, Or Anxieties?

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? That was my life for a long time. I had a good job, success in my career, and the appearance of everything going my way.

But inside I was scared and frantic to try and figure everything out. And unwilling to talk about what I couldn’t figure out. Which was:

“I’m scared! Nothing seems to work like I want it to. I’m overlooked, overworked, can’t figure out what to do to make more money or just have some peace. Why won’t stuff actually go my way?

Why can’t I find success like I see other people have…….?”

If that sounds like your story, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve been through some other trials and pain too. Broken relationships, loss of a job, separation or divorce, being overlooked in your career, unable to gain peace and clarity for what to do next.

All of those things feed into those fears, doubts and insecurities. Leaving you spinning your wheels over and over again.

Those obstacles listed in red above, that was my story for over 2 decades. I overcame them by doing the real heart-work to become more solid as a person. Which includes changing some life-long beliefs and working on my inner self to produce outer results.

Do I still have bad days where fears and worries pop up? Yeah, I’m human. But those feelings don’t derail me and take me out of the game. I don’t stay down for the count like I used to.

And neither do you. That’s why I want to help you overcome your biggest challenges.

You’re smart and intellectually savvy. You’ve read books and blogs, listened to podcasts, and attended webinars to figure a way out. They gave you some new ideas. You started implementing them. But you couldn’t make the traction you needed to see real results. So the frustration increased and you stayed stressed about it.

That’s because information is free. And easy. You know what you could do. Knowing is only half the battle. But the other half is the most important to experiencing change and seeing results.

But you don’t have someone in your corner showing you the way and helping you see the next steps to take to experience the transformation you desire.

And those webinars and free ebooks you signed up for, they’re not really helpful either are they? You likely got signed up for a bunch of email lists that just send you products but no real solutions. The person behind it you’ve never had a 1-to-1 conversation with. They don’t know your story. If they did, maybe they’d be able to deliver something to you that makes a real difference.

If only there was a way to get real solutions without having to sign up for a bunch of stuff that’s not really relevant to your individual story and situation.

That’s where I can help you.

All it takes is 15 minutes in a conversation with me.

No, I’m not trying to solicit you for some course or program. Do I have those available, yeah I do but that’s not the point of you being here right now.  I know your frustration because it used to be mine. I want to share with you the tools for how to get out of the burden of your inner critic, gain the peace and confidence you seek, and set yourself up on a course for success (personally and professionally).

Will you get everything you need in just 15 minutes? Maybe. Either way you get a head start and we get to make a personal connection. I get to hear your story and understand more about what you’re trying to overcome.

You don’t belong in a box, which is what many of the free webinar/ebook “answers” that are out there on social media are trying to offer. I’m not interested in building a massive list of emails to pitch my stuff to. I genuinely want to serve you for growth and success.

My mission in life is to be an empowerment and encouragement superhero to people like you to live your best life. Your best is someone who isn’t afraid of the future, isn’t ashamed of the past, and is boldly moving forward into growth and success.

Let’s get you there. If you end up wanting to work with me beyond our first conversation together, sweet! If not, that’s ok too. My end goal is helping you conquer your biggest fear and move into a place of personal and professional success.


That’s the heart and soul of my work. I call it Growth Farming.

Give it a try and set up a time for us to meet and talk now.




Still Unsure? Here’s What My Coaching Clients Say About Their Experience With Me:

“Working with D helped me sort my strengths and look to the future for the “what’s next” step. We also outlined a reasonable game plan to help me reach my goals. While I won’t reach my goals overnight, D helped me visualize my reality and move forward. During our first session together, we developed affirmations for my use to develop mindset growth. Within a few days of utilizing this method, I felt positive about what I am able to accomplish!”

-Joy Ellinger, business professional & speaker


“D is able to dive deeper, to explore and discuss the reasons that are hindering peak performance in everyday life. We talked through confidence, mental blocks and style. We moved on to skills, affirmations, and daily routines that have not only allowed my career goals to blossom but have grown me personally each day. My work with D Grant has been invaluable to me in life and business, and I’m eternally thankful to the Growth Farmer for the skills and advice that each day produce a better me.”

-Alex Terrell Russell, owner of Oddly Natural Digital Branding & PR


“When I approached D Grant about coaching sessions for an upcoming speaking engagement, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew he was someone I could trust, who would be honest and helpful. During our sessions, I appreciated how thorough he was by asking important questions and making supportive suggestions. He listened intently, which helped fine tune my speech.

“D Grant was also more than encouraging. I walked away feeling confident and affirmed. He has a true gift and a genuine heart for lifting others up. I cannot recommend his sessions enough!”

-Casey Hatcher, entrepreneur, photographer & speaker


“D Grant Smith’s example paved the foundation for my understanding of professional and interpersonal networking that would lead me finding a career path that is both fulfilling and successful. He helped me refine my conversational skills and from his example, I learned the importance of making every interaction valuable for all involved.

“Very few are capable of giving so much of themselves without draining their own emotional well, and even among those who can, D’s well seems to run even deeper. But what truly makes D a unique mentor is his ability to teach others how to find that well within themselves. Whether you need to access that well to irrigate your professional life, your friendships, or even your own self love, I can almost guarantee that D would be among the first in line to roll up his sleeves and start digging alongside you.”

-Ashley Miranda, entrepreneur & author


“Over the last couple months, D has been helping me curb my negative mindset and fight the self-deprecating thought patterns I built into myself over my lifetime. He has helped me build better habits and constructive methods in order to achieve my fullest potential and become the person and musician that I know I can be. If you are ever in need of a life/mindset coach or are looking to change your perspective on the struggles life throws at you, I highly recommend his services.”

-Jonathan Jason Pattie, musician



In life you’re going to face challenges. They can hinder you from reaching your goals.

Or they can be used as fuel to push you through any obstacle. If you’re serious about taking the next steps to overcome the challenges you’re facing, don’t wait any longer.

Book a time to talk with me now.


  1. Sunday the 19th evening is 100% great for me. Or do you only have have those 3 days available? If so I will change my schedule if need be. Really need and want this. I feel like someone sent you into my life

    1. Sorry Deborah but I don’t have sessions over the weekends, usually due to other commitments and serving people in different capacities (as well as needed time off). The available days and times on the calendar link are what you can schedule with. Thanks!

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