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Forgive me for being blunt, but this whole Coronavirus thing is JACKED up! You can replace “Jacked” with another word that’s more descriptive and disruptive. Still, the key to survival against coronavirus isn’t medical.

Yet it’s entirely in your control.

Has the mayor of your city or town closed the doors on people leaving their home? My town is getting close to that.

Isolation was already a part of what we’re being asked to do. Now it’s an inevitable end.

Have you been told to not go to work? Has your job or industry completely changed?

It’s scary as hell. I won’t lie to you. Or pretend like a “think positive” solution will solve this very dark and giant problem.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking with people in different industries, working in different types of roles. From CEOs to business owners to employees to contract workers. And I’ve talked a lot with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like artists, musicians, photographers, and freelance workers.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Everyone is saying the same thing

“I’m uncertain about what’s happening, what’s going to happen, and how long the pain will go on. And I’m scared as hell!”

The pain is loss of income/job, opportunities for sustenance and survival. Growth isn’t something a lot of people are thinking about now. That is a bonus.

Loss is a big subject. Here it’s a loss of financial income as well as interpersonal connection that burdens relationships.

So how do you heal and rebuild from these types of loss in the present moment? And how can you protect against what seems like an inevitable disaster in all of our collective well-being?


Peace has everything to do with our protection and our healing 

Let me explain: 

The roots of Peace are Kindness and Love. Which might seem like a strange thing to put together when talking about a virus that is spreading globally faster than anything we’ve seen in over 100 years.

How does Peace protect your financial well-being, your ability to keep your job or make money during the downturn? Can Peace ensure your family is able to get through this calamity, and also protect your body from the potential of getting the disease?

Let’s look at an alternative to see this more clearly.


Fear isn’t doing you any favors

Yet that’s what you’re likely seeing more and more of everywhere you turn.

Social media posts, news articles, news videos, new reports, and of course the closures of schools, stores, restaurants, businesses, and lockdown/quarantines by whole towns.

Lots of fear is being perpetrated. Stopping the fear isn’t your job. But Peace is more powerful than fear. On a purely energy level standpoint, Peace creates a stronger vibrational frequency than fear and worry does.

But we have a tendency as people to choose fear and worry over peace because both fear and worry play on our need to be in control of everything.

And what we aren’t in direct control of, we choose fear and worry. 

Photo by Ewan Yap on Unsplash

We hunker down even more, close our doors 

We close our hearts and minds. And let the fear parade roll through endlessly.

Stress increases. Frustration goes up too. You find yourself unable to think clearly and the worry about what you’re going to do becomes overwhelming.

Does THAT sound familiar?

If so, let me encourage you in adopting Peace into your system.

If you’re not familiar with the effects of serotonin, it’s the chemical in your brain responsible for feeling good. Our culture and society has learned how to manufacture serotonin through prescription drugs. 

I haven’t checked the marketplace but I imagine that prescription drug companies are not suffering right now economically. There’s a reason for that.


Turns out serotonin can be created naturally 

All it takes is you and I doing one particular thing. And the more we do this, the more peace we feel. Individually and collectively.

AND it also increases your immunity system!

That’s the real winner, isn’t it?

A stronger immunity system and an increase in serotonin helps you feel better in this state of global panic. And protects your body more naturally from disease. Including Coronavirus.

What’s the one thing that produces serotonin and creates more inner peace?

It’s simple: Kindness.


The effects of Kindness are POWERFUL

There was a study done several years ago on the power of kindness. The study showed that people who were in the energy field of kindness experienced an increase in their serotonin. 

Which means that three people (or more) benefitted from an act of kindness: the giver of the act of kindness, the recipient to the act of kindness, and the person(s) who witnessed the act of kindness.

That’s a really powerful thing. Kindness is energy. The act of kindness vibrates that energy out. And when kindness is done, it increases the Peace experienced all around.

Aldous Huxley said that the answer to the problems of the world can be found in just doing this one thing. “It’s a little embarrassing that after 45 years of study, the best advice I can give to someone is to just be a little kinder to each other.”


Kindness is an energy which means it can be sent and received

You can give kindness from far away. You can receive kindness from far away too. How?

Meditation is a powerful tool in this capacity. Through meditation, you can transmit the power of loving energy like Kindness, Peace, and Healing to people all over the world. 

Which means that going into a place of meditation and choosing to focus on loving kindness for people who are fearful, struggling, or even trying to recover from symptoms of the Coronavirus creates the energy frequency that produces serotonin. 

You feel better and your immunity system increases. The people you send this loving kindness experience that too.

And so do the people in your presence, i.e. the people in your room or home where you’re practicing meditation.

Quiet your mind from fears, doubt, and worry 

Meditation may be the one big secret key to fighting the fears that are pervasive right now. Or the fears that spread throughout our society on a constant basis. 

Fear is an energy frequency too. Energy is transmitted through thoughts and feelings. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses this much more in-depth in his book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself (which I highly recommend you read!). Our thoughts have the power to create our future experiences, especially when paired with strong emotions. 

In this book, he talks about how diseases can come from our obsession with fearful emotions and pervasive thought patterns. He says,

“…the same vigilant state of anxiety, or the same low state of unworthiness, those redundant chemical signals we have talked about keep pushing the same genetic buttons, which ultimately cause the activation of certain diseases. Stressful emotions actually pull the genetic trigger, dysregulating the cells (dysregulation refers to impairment of a physiological regulatory mechanism) and creating disease.”

That’s powerful stuff! We can stress ourselves so much that we create disease in your minds and open ourselves up to experiencing it. Which means, that by shifting your focus, the opposite of that is true as well. 


What you focus on grows and transforms

Meditation is a great way to shift your focus from thoughts that lack peace to a quieted mind that promotes peace.

How can you practice kindness more holistically? How can you make self-love and meditation work together to strengthen your relationship with yourself, and with others?

If all this sounds good but you’re wrestling with how it works, I’ve got you covered.

There are six key pieces to healing your heart and mind to wholeness that leads to personal transformation. You can apply this method to healing from heartbreak from broken relationships. 

You can also apply this method to overcoming the doubt and worry that are everywhere in the news right now. This could mean protecting yourself from the potential of contracting the coronavirus. Or opening up the pathways for financial blessings to come into your life to get you through tough financial times.

Peace of mind is what you need to be able to move forward, lead yourself and your family, and make the best choices during times of trial and obstacle.


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