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Every musician who wants to grow seeks new methods of music marketing. Music marketing includes promotion to press, online media, new audiences and venues. Aside from trying to figure out HOW to market your music, understanding the methods of marketing and communication make a big difference.

In this day and age, it’s about reaching the right people more than it is reaching zillions of people. How can you know who the RIGHT people are?

Radio is driven by community building. It’s not driven by numbers alone. Working in radio & the music industry has taught me many lessons about the unique power of syncing with individuals.

Individuals who are passionate about the unique qualities that you bring to the table matter most. That’s why I’ve created some great resources to help you grow.

Books For Music Submissions To Radio Stations & Music Marketing

DGS_RadioHandbook_Cover-1ALearn How To Use Indie Radio To Build Your Network Of Music Industry Influencers.

The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook:

How To Growth Hack Your Fan Base & Builde Stronger Networks Using Indie Radio Airplay

Submitting music to radio stations, radio programs, college radio, commercial radio, online radio stations and beyond is a very simple process. It just takes a system that organizes your outreach in a finely tuned method, just like a good guitar on a record.

The keys to growing your music through indie radio have to do with how you reach out to radio and what your ultimate purpose for reaching out is. What can indie radio give you beyond airplay? Find out in the book.

3 Big Takeaways From The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook

  1. The tested and proven step-by-step process that has worked for the best DIY, indie and unsigned artists to gain the attention of music influencers for incredible growth
  2. The exact steps taken to get grow my indie radio show from 1 small market to being heard across the US on indie and public radio stations. Syndication wasn’t the best thing that happened when I got added to new stations, and that’s a BIG part of what I share in this book.
  3. Principles and methods to use to build relationships with music industry professionals that makes for bigger and better wins for your music and your career.

Discover the exact process that’s helped countless artists with to get music industry professionals & influencers talking.

By incorporating these methods and principles into your music marketing, you’ll have even better results. You’ll be getting your music showcased by great music curators to growth farm your audience. Get The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook now!

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Free E-Books For Music Growth

Market Your Music The Seth Godin Way

seth godin music marketing growth farming

Seth Godin

It’s not every day that you get to talk to one of the most iconic voices in business, marketing and innovation. On an episode of The DIY Artist Route Podcast, I had the monumental opportunity to do just that.

Get up close insights into the very big subjects Seth and I discussed in the podcast, along with next-steps for you to apply his wisdom to grow your music or creative project. Download it now here.


Get Radio Ready In 3 Easy Steps-FREE Ebook

You can use Radio to grow your fan base by connecting with the right stations and platforms. Indie radio airplay makes growth farming your music easy. While several books discuss the pieces of marketing for radio, this is one of the only books to get you ready for radio to make your submission work best.

However, not all artists are ready to be heard on the radio. Most musicians who submit music to stations, and fail to get airplay, don’t adhere to the unwritten 3 Rules of Radio Airplay. Discover those three rules, and get your music RADIO-READY with this free E-book. Get it here FREE.

Effective Music Marketing: The DIY Musician Guide To Music Promotion

DIY Musicians Guide Cover

This downloadable PDF E-Book shows you how to promote your music, band and gigs to more people in a timely and thrifty manner, while also addressing the pieces you need to have in place to get the best results. Download it now for Free HERE.


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