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Here’s a little about me that I haven’t spelled out on the blog. My mission in life is to empower you to be the best version of yourself. I can help you overcome your hardest challenges and trials (particularly with heartbreak) to transform and live your best life.
That means leveling up from where you are right now by growing Love from within your heart and mind garden (Growth Farming).
Yes, becoming a farmer of Love for yourself is how you change your life. It’s how I’ve changed mine, and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to show you how to do this too!

That might seem a little confusing. So let me explain…

I spent much of my life afraid. Fear of other people, what they thought of him, fear of being hurt and rejected permeated my life. I’m a smaller framed dude, so I was bullied a lot growing up. Suffice to say, I didn’t have any confidence. I thought you had to be over 6′ tall, weigh more than 140 lbs (as a dude), have big muscles, and a lot of money in order to be a confident person.
That was my broken sense of self-worth talking. Turns out that even 6’5″ athletes struggle with self-worth and confidence issues. I know that now because I’ve worked with a few.
After I got out of college I got married to a very beautiful lady and thought I’d conquered my fears of rejection. I had a successful career in broadcast media. I was a syndicated radio show host. I thought that between being married and having people all over the world know who I was, that made me something.
But I was hiding. The truth was, I was inwardly afraid of not being Loved or accepted as I was. And I was waiting for the day when other people would walk away and tell me I wasn’t good enough.
Which is what ended up happening (in a way). One day in 2017, my wife of 12 years said she was done with our marriage. She left a month later and divorce followed.
To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. I went to rock bottom and smashed through the floor another 10000 feet to the basement. It was a personal hell I never imagine.

The marriage had been my whole world

My sense of self and worth walked out the door when she did.
The next two years were a state of transformation. I was tired of feeling less than, not good enough, and broken. I realized that the real cause of my pain, and the reason why I’d struggled in life, was because I didn’t know how to Love myself. So I committed to re-learning what Love truly is and began a practice of Loving myself fully. Unconditionally.
Just as I am.
I began a process of utilizing some key principles I learned in another place (amateur boxing) to rebuild my self-concept, utilizing Love as the way and the means, to become the person I wanted to be.
It also involved me creating a system that I now call Growth Farming. It’s treating your heart and your mind like a garden. By consciously and consistently planting Love inside yourself, Love becomes what you attract into and grow from your life. Learn more about Growth Farming through my blog articles, podcast episodes, books, speeches, and more.
The results have been a complete life transformation. In every way. I’ve been able to do work that fulfills my purpose, impact the lives of hundreds of people, foster strong and amazing relationships with people, and experience the fullness of Love. I finally feel whole, strong, and confident in who I am. Every. Day.

And you can too.

 I  help you cultivate and nurture the right set of beliefs, practices, and actions to create the life and relationships you dream of.

If you want to talk, I’m here for you. We can just have a virtual cup of coffee and talk like friends. Ask anything you want, it’s totally free. I’m here for you. Set up a good time for us to chat here.