I’m your Huckleberry but call me D

My mission and passion in life is empowering people to be their best, love who they are, create strong connections, and kickass doing it all.


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***Note to artists, authors, and PR people who want to get booked on podcasts and radio: Please do not pitch your work to me through this page. That’s not what it’s for. Nearly everything I talk about on this blog, my podcast, books and other writings talks extensively about how pitching sucks and doesn’t serve your best interests. If you want my attention, seek to start a conversation with me and go from there. Thank you!


Here’s my core Growth Farming Philosophy:

Your heart is a garden. What you put in and nurture is what you’re produce. And what you produce will determine how successful you are at anything. Plant love in your heart and mind garden and the Tree Of Life will be what grows out of you.

What I do is help you cultivate and nurture the right set of beliefs, practices, and actions to create the life and career you dream of.

I do this through writing, speaking, teaching courses, and private coaching.

Other places you may have seen or heard me is as host of The Appetizer Radio Show (nationally syndicated), host of The DIY Artist Route Podcast, and presentations as a speaker on several summits/webinars/events/podcasts as well as blogging for Sonicbids, Flypaper, Tunebox and this blog (hey!).

Build Relationships That Create Success For You

Here’s a little bit about my unique philosophies for growth & success

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to grow a garden (or even 1 tomato), you understand the beauty and work involved in process.

Growth isn’t something that happens overnight, for gardening or for development of your work & business.

There are several factors you have to be clear on, prepare for, and pieces to get right for the best fruit to be harvested.

I help you identify those factors, gain clarity, increase your leverage so you can achieve real growth. Growth through relationship building and overcoming fears leads to more success. Both financially as well as your reach, name recognition, and the way you feel about your work.

This is the work I’ve been doing since I was a kid, and I talk a lot about the process of overcoming fears & negative mindsets as well as operating out of a lifestyle of love and peace to produce the best life you can possibly have.

By connecting with me, I’ll share everything I know with you plus give you insights from my experiences so that you have the most clear direction forward into the success you dream of. Don’t wait another minute. I want to connect with you and learn more about your story, and give you some tools to have more peace and success in your life and work. Set up a time for us to talk here.