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Communication Breakdowns Are The Same

social-networking_110003874-012814-intOur failure to communicate well with each other leads to relationship breakdowns in every circle we are in:



Spouse/Significant Other



Band Member/Producer

Musicians should key in on the last listed category. Maybe Robert Plant was right  in more ways that one.

RelationshipMost often our failure TO communicate is the problem, not necessarily that we say the wrong thing or that our phrasing is misunderstood.

For one reason or another, in communication we often  do not ask questions. We don’t ask for clarification or ask to make sure everyone is on the same page. Often we don’t ask or even initiate a desire for communal feedback and interaction.

When we do ask questions, how often is that exchange limited only to social media, which can be a 50/50 proposition in getting a reply.

Let’s be honest. Doesn’t it seem more likely that on Facebook you will get someone (one of our “friends”) to “Like” a question we ask instead of actually getting an answer or response?

Self-absorption may be one reason this occurs, but it is not the root cause. I’m not exactly sure what the root is, or if there is only one root and not several. Feel free to indulge me on what you feel to be the cause of our communication breakdown.

I do know that I’ve encountered more people who have problems with others in their social circles do to a communication breakdown. The problem usually starts small and then escalates to something big quickly, all because of a lack of communication.

It’s interesting how big problems can have small and simple answers when you get right down to it.

Just talk. Converse. Get things out on the table.

Talk it out in real time via phone or in person to alleviate the faintest possibility that words alone can be misinterpreted or taken out of context.

Objective foresight can be a huge blessing in your world, especially when it comes to nurturing relationships. When you see and understand the power of clear communication, as well as practice it, you avoid all kinds of unnecessary problems down the road.

What kinds of problems are caused from a lack of communication? Here are a few observations I’ve had from colleagues, friends, and associates in just the past month:

the breakup of a band; fights between long time friends; arguments in the workplace and back-biting; loss of progress moving forward on projects; end of dating relationship

Talking is not always easy and relationships certainly aren’t either. Yet communication and personal/professional connections are extremely valuable. What is valuable comes at a high cost to replace. Therefore they should be invested in, worked at, and nurtured with care, compassion, and good communication.

Has a communication breakdown cost you something recently? Let’s talk about how it can be repaired. Connect with me here and we’ll straighten it out together.

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