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Rob Lawrence Reveals How Your Next Media Interview Wins New Fans

Are you using interviews to gain more fans?

Whether it’s a media interview on a blog, a podcast, a radio show, or other platform, there are some specific steps you can take to ensure that interview not only gains you attention.

It can also win you new fans.

How do you do that?

It’s a subject I wanted to dive into with interview specialist and podcast host Rob Lawrence.

In the first part of my podcast conversation with Rob Lawrence, we talked about how interviewers in different media fields can create dynamic and engaging conversations that provide listeners with the kind of connection that leads to real growth for their work.

But what if you’re sitting on the other side of the microphone, the part where you’re the one being interviewed?

diy artist route podcast rob lawrence great interviewsWhat steps can you take to prepare for an interview that is more than just a Q&A?

When you and the interviewer connect on multiple levels, you create conversational dynamic that transforms the experience for both parties. Which inevitably makes for a more engaging, insightful, and powerful experience for the listeners.

The listener experience is your ultimate objective.

Your artistic creations are made to enhance your audience’s lives. Your outreach to media is about impacting a new audience you haven’t reached yet.

Blogs, radio shows, radio stations, streaming playlists (Spotify for example), and podcasts all create content intended to reach a specific audience that gives them an experience that brings them back.

This perspective is key to using interviews to grow your audience too.

“There’s an answer around every corner. We’re all searching for how we can do XYZ. Most of the time, especially with blogs and stuff, the how-to part is framed in the headline but inside the content itself it’s never really explained, like the actual process of how to go about doing it.

“It’s just a bunch of ideas. And ideas are great if you are naturally inclined to be able to put pieces together. But if you’re not, then having some sort of way to take these very big picture concepts and drill them down to very practical steps is really important.”

Put this conversation to work for you in getting the most out of your interviews, become more known, get the attention of influencers, and build your audience with a free strategy session today.

You’ll gain specific, actionable insights to have a fantastic interview that creates new fans and grows your connection with new people. Music curators and influencers in particular.

One killer tip is to get a sense of the audience that you’re going to be featured on because that’s what matters most and it doesn’t take much time to get a sense of who they are and have them in mind the entire time you’re being interviewed.

It’s important to know the aims of your audience, to know their why.

This is especially true when you contact music curators for placement on their platform. It separates you from the competition, and gives the curator a reason to respond to you.

You can reach music curators to get your music featured on media in this powerful book.

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  1. Nice show,D! always hard to talk about “talking about”,so to speak.Now obviously ,you and Rob are both experienced at this,and i am not,but i suppose i have radio listening experience.As someone who attempts promo(often badly),it’s like— OK- just work as if if the interviewer and audience are self-adoring,and if you can manage to get a point across without,well you know…, then wow cool…
    You both talked about editing to get to the best point.It is true; some times the chaos needs a fix,and thats a good trick if you do it well.Not easy.
    But my personal prayer is for “good radio”.So many in radio,should not be allowed near a microphone,but there they go.I have worked with radio producers and witnessed Hosts who went in blind every time,not knowing the guest or the subject.But they were true mic talents and they had people(like me sometimes) behind the scenes providing music,bios, good ???s etc…And it went great.GOOD RADIO– snappy one sentence questions—forward motion.. I miss that. but i digress….
    Thanks for all your positivity.!

  2. Hey thanks Richard. I apologize for taking so long in replying to you. Just finished making a complete redesign here.
    It’s easy to make assumptions about your audience. But you don’t know their feelings until you open up the channels of communication and invite feedback. I appreciate you doing that here. You’re right too. There are a few folks out there in radio who could use some teachings on journalism, research, and the art of getting to know people before trying to do a full interview. It saves a ton of energy, and gives the audience something they really value. I appreciate you speaking up and letting your voice be heard!

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