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Do you want to have healthy and strong relationships?

It’s one of the most powerful and prominent desires in our human journey.

We all want to have Love and happiness in our lives and in the connections. But often something gets in the way. We think it’s other people, they attitudes and behaviors.

“Why can I be Loved and accepted as I am? Why can’t I have relationships that are healthy and strong without all the drama?”

Have you had these thoughts? I have. When we get to the heart of the matter, it’s often what we’re holding onto in our minds and hearts that is actually getting in the way.

The Miracle Grow for healthy and strong relationships

A coaching client asked me that question last year. It hit a chord and got me thinking more about one specific key that makes our connections with people work.

Love seems to be the easiest answer. But what part of Love? And does that apply to all relationships?

From my experience coaching people from several different walks of life, backgrounds, beliefs, and relationship status……

Yes, it does apply to all types of relationships. Love is the answer.

Love begins with your relationship with yourself.

You saw that coming, didn’t you?

One of the greatest teachings I’ve received in relationship growth is from Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book The Power Of Intention. He talks about this principle of being strongly connected to God.


In our connection with God, the source of Love, we find who we really are.

Your relationship with yourself must be growing so you operate like God does in your relationships with others.

I’ve found this to be true in my own healing journey after the heartbreak of divorce. I’ve seen first hand the depths of my codependency. In doing so, I discovered how much I didn’t Love or trust or believe in myself before.

I’m actively working to overcome codependency by practicing self-love and personal development. Meditation and journaling are also keys in transforming my mind and beliefs from fear-based narratives into an empowered perspective.

You’ve experienced heartbreak in some form or fashion in your life. All of us have. It’s the human story.


What are you doing to create change for healthy and strong relationships?

If you’re not working to grow and improve yourself, you’re subconsciously carrying past brokenness into your relationships.

One cool thing about Love being the Miracle Grow for successful relationships is that there’s always something new to learn and grow in.

Love never gets boring. And you never get so good at the art of Love that there’s never more to learn.


Love starts with yourself in your mind garden

You were expecting me to talk about your heart garden, right? That’s important too. But let’s look at what is happening in your mind that is keeping you from having healthy and strong relationships.

Your thought life and inner narrative have such a profound and powerful impact on the nature of your relationships.

The characteristics that make strong relationships are:







These characteristics are all connected to the stories you create in your mind about who you are and what you believe about other people.

These are also key elements in our Self-Love journey that must be cultivated and grown within to bring healing to our own lives and relationships. Learn how to transform your life and relationships in this free Self-Love Essentials course now.

I’ll admit that I’ve had some messed up stories in my head about other people. They’re negative beliefs rooted in a fear of rejection.

And yes, fear of rejection still hits me at times. It tries to tell me things about people that can cause damage to trust and confidence in the relationship.

Part of that is past emotional trauma. Part of it is lingering fears about rejection repeating itself.


We create beliefs based on our past experiences

If you’ve experienced betrayal and abandonment, fears that you’ll experience that again is going to surface again.

Even when you’re in a healthy relationship, those past experiences create emotional trauma that resurface.

When you feel these fears, what do you do? Do you suppress your feelings and try to deal with it on your own?

This can lead to a self-made prison. You don’t open up and talk about it out of fear that being vulnerable will look weak. So you let the fear in your mind grow its roots deeper, at the expense of your relationship.

There’s a better path. One that ensures growth in your health and strength in your relationships.

It starts with being aware of your thoughts.


Awareness is a key to not being controlled by fear

Awareness and surrender are two key steps toward having inner peace and relationship peace.

This one nugget alone has helped my students have the tools to overcome deep-seated fears and negative stories.

Confidence, inner peace, healthy boundaries, and self-Love are all birthed from an increase in awareness.

There are a multitude of resources and courses available for members at that help to overcome fear, operate with solidarity, and foster Love from within for the strongest and healthiest relationships.

Until you become strong in practicing awareness, you’ll never be able to let the fear go. To reframe your inner narrative to something that is loving and affirming.

Which carries into your interpersonal relationships with your closest connections with family and friends. And even into relationships at work with those you spend the most time with.

If you want something to plant inside your mind to radically impact your relationships, you have to learn how to plant Love inside your inner garden.

Alignment with your self in all 4 parts of you makes this happen. Alignment in your mind, heart, body, and spirit.

From this place of Love, all good things grow.


About Me: Hi, I’m D Grant Smith, The Growth Farmer of Personal Development Through the Lens of Spirituality and Storytelling.

I help people transform by growing LOVE from within the garden of your heart-mind-spirit-body to live the story of your dreams.

Experience more transformational storytelling in this free downloadable ebook/audiobook.



**Featured Image Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash