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The D Grant Smith Difference

Despite having a background in radio and media, I wasn’t always in front of people. I certainly wasn’t confident when I was. I used to struggle with serious self-doubt and self-worth issues. These were led by a lot of fears and negativity that I wrestled with for a long time. It all started to change in 2007 when I took a chance on making big changes in my life in dealing with fear: I joined a boxing gym. That experience helped me gain the confidence and inner strength to make other changes in my life.

I believe that LOVE is the key to having a happy, healthy and successful life. It’s my mission in life to Be Love in all things. Taking on this way of thinking, operating and being has created a transformational life for me and for the clients and students I serve through coaching, speaking, and my writing as well as the media platforms I work with. It’s also been the #1 factor in overcoming the absolute worst pain in my life: healing from divorce. That subject is the focus of my new book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole. It’s also the main focus of many of my speeches.

See my Core Speeches List with breakdown of what the speeches contain and key takeaways that audiences will gain from them.

 “I had the opportunity to see D. Grant speak to our local Human Resources professionals group. The material that D. Grant presented was very relevant, not only to Human Resources professionals, but to other levels of business leaders and is a message that can be utilized by anyone in their day to day lives outside of work. D. Grant did a great job engaging the audience and demonstrating how we each have the power to change our mindset to positively impact other pieces of our lives and those around us.”

-Megan Ratliff, HR Professional at TechnipFMC

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Transform Your Event With A Dose Of Vitamin D Grant

Take empowerment and motivational speaking to a whole new level. Experience the difference in becoming the best version of yourself through a keynote or speaking presentation with me.

When you hear people say that “talent is a dime a dozen,” they’ve had an average presenter talk to them. It’s boring. Some dude reading off of slides that he dug up on some powerpoint presentation no one cares about.

Or maybe you got the loud and boisterous presenter who hopes to wow you will his intensity. But you just end up wanting some Advil and a nap.

You want exciting, powerful and engaging with a speaker. You’re looking for a different kind of presenter, and a different kind of experience.

Motivational speaking is one thing. When you get a speaking engagement with me, you’ve entered a whole new level! Your attendees and audience will walk away with more than just a run-of-the-mill “feel good” experience.

“D Grant Smith is a well-oiled machine when it comes to motivational speaking. He is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to grow.”

Bird Thomas, Hendrick Home For Children

Provide A Solid Experience For Your Event

d grant smith motivational speaker empowering be solidHere’s what you get with me:

I deliver Empowerment, Inspiration, Tools, Entertainment, & Actionable Insights so that your audience gets the most out of it. Add powerful storytelling and honest, real stories to the mix you will have a transformational experience like no other.

The three main speeches I provide involve healing from heartbreak, how to overcome personal fears in areas of worthiness, rejection, relationship issues (breakups and divorce), and healing from personal loss. Self-love and self-care are big areas of focus that also include practical action steps for audiences to take away real tools to use in their lives.

These speeches are connected to my new book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole, which provides a guidebook for healing after heartbreak to become the best version of yourself.

What does this look like? See an examples of below. Other speeches including humor and motivational leadership available by request.


[Inspiration/Motivation]Be Solid Keynote Address (Highlights)

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