d grant smith speaking speech

Don’t settle for boring. Take motivational speaking to a whole new level.

When you hear people say that “talent is a dime a dozen,” they’ve had an average presenter talk to them. It’s boring. Some dude reading off of slides that he dug up on some powerpoint presentation no one cares about.

Or maybe you got the loud and boisterous presenter who hopes to wow you will his intensity. But you just end up wanting some Advil and a nap.

No, you want exciting and powerful. So you’re looking for a different kind of presentation, and a different kind of experience.

Motivational speaking is one thing. When you get a speaking engagement with me, you’ve entered a whole new level! Your attendees and audience will walk away with more than just a run-of-the-mill “feel good” experience.

Deliver a boost to your event with a dose of Vitamin D Grant Smith!

Here’s why: I deliver Empowerment, Inspiration, Tools, Entertainment, & Actionable Insights so that audiences get the most out of the experience. Add powerful storytelling and honest, real stories to the mix you will have a transformational experience like no other. What does this look like? See a few examples of past speeches below.

Here are a few samples of speeches and subjects I have available. Humorous speeches also available by request.


[Inspiration/Motivation]Be Solid Keynote Address (Highlights)

[Inspiration/Motivation] How To Overcome The Hurricanes Of Life

[Humorous] All Great Stories Start Out As Lies

Don’t wait. My calendar for this season is filling up. Set up a time for us to talk about presenting to your event or book directly through this form: