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What Successful Musicians Do

MusicansPlayInBarThe easiest way to see where to apply insights learned, or to know exactly where to put your focus on achieving the success you want is to narrow down your choices.

There are an endless amount of individual ways you can improve and grow at any given time. The 10 Ways To Do  This Or That can get lost in the 5 Simple Steps To Achieve Happiness In Everything You Do article or blog that comes out daily on a variety of sites, all from knowledgeable, well-intentioned people.

Break down the success you have to see where you can grow and improve. Look at what your existing options are in light of the challenges you face. Challenges can include location for travel (the size of market you’re in), budget, planning, etc.

Here are 3 ways that musicians and artists are successful:

1. Successful musicians make music that connects with and impacts other people

2. Successful musicians profit financially, emotionally, psychologically, and communally from their work

3. Successful musicians change their community and create ways to benefit the lives of others

When you’re doing one or more of these things, you have achieved a level of success worth recognizing. The next step is to determine where you can improve so that you can discover the How-To element. How-To can be ever-changing or consistently present. It can take 2 steps or 20, and can come when you’re looking for it or when you least expect it.

Do you know where you’d like to improve, and in what capacity? Let me know below what it is that you want the most improvement in, and I’ll see how I can be a resource to you to achieve that success.


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