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Which Specifics Lead To Getting Radio Airplay & Reviews

Here’s a little secret about how to get media to¬† open your emails that lead to them actually being read and replied to. Trust me, it’s not sending a blanket message you write one time that says everything you could ever say about your music or your band. Cold pitch emails are absolute crap and will get you nowhere. No my friend, you need to do something A LOT more specific.

Certain Specifics Are Essential

Most media people (or people in general) don’t open the majority of emails they get. Especially from people they don’t know or have ever talked with.

They either don’t have time, and/or they have so many things on their plate that opening every message from a band announcing their release would take an eternity.

How do you think that musicians or promoters get through to radio and media for feature?

Most people assume that they hire a publicist or PR firm to do this effectively. Sure, you can try that. Your average PR campaign runs at $5000 on the cheap side.

Many of these high ticket PR companies send one big blanket email out to a few thousand email addresses. The email might have some nice images embedded, a lot of nice things said about the band and their new release, and even a few quotes or reviews.

These often don’t get a response. They don’t get opened much either.

The BIG reason for that is a lack of specifics.

I’m not like most of the media entities out there. Even though I get a TON of emails sent to me daily from strangers, all wanting their music featured on my radio show and want to book an interview with me. The more music curators I talk with experience the same things I do.

Some of them reply and ask questions. Some just delete the email. All of them want you to know some specific things before you message them. You must state specific things in your email to get it read and responded to. Here’s what you need to know before sending a cold email to a music curator to pitch your music.

Why Not Every Music Curator Responds To Email Pitches

I’m an uncommon media curator. Meaning, I reply to people even if their email doesn’t say what it is that they want from me.

My response always asks a question. Whether or not I am a good fit for them isn’t as important as them seeing how a change can bring about better results.

The first thing to be specific about is WHO you want to get in front of. Or better stated, WHO you want to contact.

This means that you’re contacting 1 person, not 10 or 100 people at one time.

One-person-connection is both a mindset shift in the way that you communicate, as well as a focus shift on reaching a particular person that you’ve identified as having your target audience.

This process is explained thoroughly in the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook.

Be specific about wanting to reach this person in 2 ways:

  1. You name their station/program/blog/podcast/platform in the subject line
  2. You address them by name in the opening of the email, and state their platform name in the first paragraph (preferably in the first sentence or two) of your message

Talking to one person matters because the message is personal, targeted and meaningful to the person you want to reach.

How do you feel when someone sends you a spam, blanket email? Does it make you feel like they value you or want to connect with you at all? Or does it make you feel like you’re just a nameless, faceless number to them?

When you identify a certain person and platform that you want to reach, you create the conduits for connection.

Tap Into How You’re Wired To Make The Connection

We are naturally wired as humans to want to connect 1-1 with people.

This means that you know the person’s name that you’re contacting, and what platform they work on.

Names matter when you’re contacting media. As Dale Carnegie said,

“Names are the most important word in any language.” (How To Win Friends & Influence People)

Getting names right plays a vital role in getting the person to read your email, AND reply to you.

The reply is actually what you want. The reply is golden because it can lead to a conversation and potential collaboration.

When you do something that is uncommon and send a personal message to a specific person, you gain their attention, interest, and willingness to hear you out.

Take action on this advice if you really want to experience change

Are you wondering how you can find the right people to get specific about? Where can you find the right media for your audience? There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered here for all of this to work right. And as much as I’d love to give it to you in a blog post, you need more than just text and words to make it work.

This is something I’ve spent the past 5 years teaching musicians, creatives, and even entrepreneurs how to do. It’s relationship building that transforms how you do marketing.

Everything you need to know and practice is laid out in a step-by-step process inside The Ultimate Connection Bundle along with tons of bonus courses, ebooks, and other materials to add Miracle Grow to your relationship building.

You get my help, direction, method and process with your marketing and promotions to media so that the struggles of getting people to read, respond, and connect go away. Enjoy the benefits of media features, interviews, airplay and awesome audience growth all from this opportunity!

Don’t wait. Seriously. Jump into the Bundle and get started on building real connections now!

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