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Are you single and want to be in a serious relationship? Good, read this blog article because what you need to improve your love life isn’t on a dating app.

Are you in a relationship that you wish was more Loving, harmonious, and happy? Good, because arguing with your partner or making demands of them is only going to make things worse.

It’s here using these powerful self-Love affirmations.

The best results can be experienced if you’ll follow what I have to share with you today.

Why Self Love Affirmations Improve Your Love Life

Are you fully aware that the ONE person you can’t live without is…

Think about that for a second.

In the realm of dating, marriage and romantic relationships, we tend to put such an emphasis on our special person that we forget about our core relationship.

Your primary relationship is with yourself.

This also means that your main, number one Love relationship is with yourself.

You must fully committed to being your own best friend, Loving yourself fully, and being your own True Love.

Not doing this will make having that truly deep and soulful romance of your life feel separate from you.

Even if your current romantic partnership is really strong right now.

Self Love is the key to making every relationship flourish.

Amplify your life and relationships through the four essentials to Self-Love in this free course now!

The Most Important Factor To Improve Your Love Life 

Like I describe in detail in this blog article, there’s one essential ingredient that makes all affirmations work.

That ingredient is FEELING.

The feeling is the secret. 

More insight into this power is found in the Neville Goddard book, (appropriately titled) Feeling Is The Secret.

I also recommend listening to his lectures on this subject on Youtube like this one.


Neville speaks frequently about the power of imagination.

Imagination and feeling go hand in hand when done correctly.

Just visualizing yourself being in a blissfully Loving relationship can bring that into being.

But it will take longer unless you have the feeling with the visualization.

When you combine imagining with feeling, magic happens.

What Does Imagination Have To Do With Affirmations?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

Affirmations alone are just statements you make to convince yourself of a new truth. 

Otherwise stated, affirmations are powerful tools to change your inner beliefs to attract what you want into your life.

But if all you do is say affirmations, without feeling the power of the words, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

And without feeling, the affirmations don’t have the same kind of power.

Instead, imagine being in the most healthy, Loving relationship.

If you already have a romantic partner, imagine being so blissfully and happily in Love that you’re bursting at the seams.

If you’re single and want to be in a relationship, and have a specific person you want to be with, imagine having that relationship with them.

What if you’re not in a relationship and you don’t have a specific person? Use a similar method. I’ll show you how below.

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Simple Practice To Put Into Place Right Now

In any of these cases, imagine being with someone you Love with your whole heart.

Close your eyes and let your imagination create a scene where you are alone with the one you Love.

Don’t focus on what they look like unless you know specifically who this person is.

And yes, not visualizing their face can seem challenging if you don’t know who this person is.

Imagine holding their hand and hearing them tell you that you are the most beautiful and wonderful person in their life.

Let your imagination go into the place of what it feels like to be with them. 

Let these feelings permeate your consciousness:

  • Joy

  • Elation

  • Bliss

  • Excitement

  • Happiness

  • Peace

  • Fulfillment

As you do this, and truly feel the feelings, you are bringing this experience into your reality.

This is how both the law of attraction and all manifestation works.

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Specific Person But Want A Relationship

I completely understand how this can seem difficult if you want to be in a relationship, but don’t have a particular person you’re desiring.

That was me about three years ago.

I knew I wanted to experience Love.

But I didn’t know who the person was for me who was the best match for who I am.

So I did two key things.

First, I stopped searching and practiced surrender.

This is really an essential step, as I describe below.

Second, I imagined what I wanted to feel inside of the relationship.

I imagined having conversations with someone who really connected with me, who was genuinely interested in me.

I got into a place of feeling desired, Loved, and admired.

This practice was something I developed after hearing similar teachings from both Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols.

They, like all great manifestation teachers, instructed that the imagination plus the feeling was the key.

So I let the feeling be the thing I focused on, not what my person looked like.

I knew I wanted to experience joy, kindness, and someone who lived out Love like I do.

Making the feeling the focus, amplified the experience.

And in a matter of months, after letting go (surrender) and letting God do its magic, the Love I always wanted came into my life.

Over the past three years I’ve worked with several people who experienced gut-wrenching heartbreak and divorce.

From our work together in changing their understanding of Love, they’ve been able to attract True Love and the healthiest relationship ever. Two are engaged now and one was recently remarried.

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What About Self Love And Affirmations?

You have to be in a place of feeling Loved and believing in your worthiness to receive Love in order for affirmations to work.

Again, if you just rely on your intellect and try to convince your mind of something different using only words, you’re operating with half the power.

By feeling the feelings of being in a truly Loving and blissful romantic relationship, you channel power to the affirmations to take effect.

You are feeling Loved in this imagination state.

So saying and feeling an affirmation like “I am fully Loved by my specific person” brings this into your reality.

This is what I’ve done to attract True Love into my life. And also what I continue to do to grow our relationship every day.

Use These 7 Easy Self Love Affirmations To Instantly Improve Your Love Life

Once you’re in the feeling state of being in the most amazing relationship with the Love of your dreams, you can use these affirmations to instantly improve your Love life.

I encourage you to make a daily practice of writing these down every day and reading them to yourself at least twice a day. 

Do this practice for 30 days and notice a difference in how you feel.

You’ll feel more Love for yourself. You’ll feel worthy of happiness. You’ll feel peace.

All of these elements are essential for fostering the most healthy relationship possible with your significant other.

Here Are The 7 Easy Self Love Affirmations To Use:

  1. I am Loved wholly, fully, and completely

  2. Our relationship is strong, secure, passionate, and amazing in every way

  3. I have the most Loving, healthy, supportive, committed, and wonderful relationship of my life with my specific person

  4. Our relationship grows stronger in Love every day

  5. I am happily and blissfully in the romantic relationship of my dreams

  6. Gratitude, peace, joy, and happiness continue to pour into our relationship, making our connection stronger every day 

  7. I am chosen

Self Love Is Implicit Within These Affirmations

One key affirmation that has been a game-changer for me is the last one, I am chosen. 

In making this affirmation, and getting into the feeling of being chosen, you are choosing yourself. 

You are making the declaration that you acknowledge your worthiness and choose to Love yourself fully. That’s in the first affirmation.

Even though the intention behind these affirmations may be regarding a romantic relationship with someone else, you’re doing this work within yourself.

That makes it a Self Love practice.

Notice the feeling words in each of these affirmations.

Make that what you put your focus on. It’s more than just mantras and statements.

Get into the feeling of these affirmations ALREADY being true now.

Or as Neville teaches, “Get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

This means that you are affirming these statements as already being true, now.

That’s where the feeling becomes so powerful.

When you feel that you already have what you want because you’re feeling it emotionally, it magnetically attracts to you.

The Last Step In This Process

Aside from the feeling, the other most important step is surrender and letting go.

If you’ve been wanting a relationship and have been searching for Mr/Mrs Right, let the search party go.

Stop looking. Let go of swiping left or right on dating apps. That’s not where your attention needs to be.

If you really want to improve your love life, get into your imagination and bring your heart with you.

Instead, after you feel the feelings, say the affirmations, and spend time in the beauty of your imagination, go on about your day. 

Trust the Universe and Divine Love (aka God) to bring the desired changes into your reality when you least expect it.

I’ve found and experienced that God Loves to give us surprises.

Don’t try to control how things play out. And detach from outcomes.

The end results will be better than you could ask for or imagine.

What If You’ve Had A Breakup And Want A New Relationship?

*Important Note: If you’ve recently experienced a breakup or the end of a long-term relationship, give yourself the time and space to heal your heart, mind, and psyche before trying to jump into a new relationship.

This practice is best when you are at a place of strong self Love and inner peace. 

If you’ve experienced a breakup, especially if it was from a long-term relationship, focus on only your relationship with you.

Get yourself into a place of healing and wholeness so that you can show up as the best version of you to your future person.

Whether you’ve been through a breakup and want to heal or you want some powerful tools to grow your self Love journey, read my book Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole.

Once you’re in a more healed place, you’ll be able to better attract Love that will be healthy, strong, and the best relationship of your life.


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