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be solid book d grant smith transformation healing heartbreakGrowth is a big term and subject. Often what keeps us from growth are trials and challenges.

When you experience trials, especially if it’s the end of a relationship, it feels like you’ve been sucker-punched by a giant. Knocked down, the world spins out of control and nothing makes sense anymore. Heart break cripples people for years. Sometimes even for the rest of their lives.

Has that been your story?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can experience the hell of heartbreak and become something more. You can become whole. I know you can because I did.

Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell & Come Out Whole is the culmination of this healing journey. It’s a guide for how to heal, rebuild yourself and birth a new life without pain, fear or regret.

This book includes the tools to restore your heart and mind to new levels. This is my transformation story and method that you can use to become your best self after experiencing your worst pain. Get your copy in digital (Kindle/epub) here.


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Growth Farming Affirmations For Success EBook

What you plant inside your mind and heart will be what you produce and attract with your life.

Look at the fruits you are creating with your mindset and beliefs. Are they whole and full of life and love? Or do you struggle with doubts, fears, worries, anxiety, and other negative thought patterns?

The key to breaking free from negative mindsets and beliefs is to practice a short series of daily affirmations to plant love and light inside yourself. This practice affirms who you are and what you want to attract into your life for massive transformation and success.

I’ve compiled a powerful series of affirmations I do daily that has created tremendous growth, healing and transformation in my personal and professional life. Plus, you get insightful teachings on how to incorporate these statements into your inner heart garden for fulfillment, peace, clarity and direction.

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For Artists, Musicians & Creatives


DGS_RadioHandbook_Cover-1ALearn How To Build Your Network Of Industry Influencers (Regardless Of Your Industry, These Principles Help You Connect With The Right People To Grow)

The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook:

How To Growth Hack Your Fan Base & Builde Stronger Networks Using Indie Radio Airplay

Submitting music to radio stations, radio programs, college radio, commercial radio, online radio stations and beyond is a very simple process. It just takes a system that organizes your outreach in a finely tuned method, just like a good guitar on a record.

The keys to growing your music through indie radio have to do with how you reach out to radio and what your ultimate purpose for reaching out is. What can indie radio give you beyond airplay?

Find out in the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook.


Discover the exact process that’s helped countless artists with to get music industry professionals & influencers talking.

By incorporating these methods and principles into your music marketing, you’ll have even better results. You’ll be getting your music showcased by great music curators to growth farm your audience.

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