Growth Farming Affirmations For Success Ebook & Audiobook

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In this powerful and profound ebook and accompanying audiobook, syndicated media personality and life coach D Grant Smith presents his tested, tried, and true method of personal development for success.

Your personal and professional life will grow from taking on these empowering practices to shift your mindset away from doubts and fears. Be transformed by the planting of these statements of identity and manifestation to create peace, love, fulfillment, and success in every area of your life.

Listen and follow along, or use the recording as a meditation for your daily affirmations routine.


Affirmations are powerful tools in the inner heart-work of your own personal development. They help to change the story and narrative you have written on your heart that govern the way you live your life, operate in your relationships, and perform in your business.

If any of these issues true for you, the Growth Farming Affirmations For Success Ebook & Audiobook recording is right for you:

  • Do you struggle with fears, doubts, or negative beliefs about yourself and your relationships?
  • Are you living the life you want or do you bounce around from feeling good to feeling down?
  • Is it difficult to deal with life’s twists and turns, challenges, and other issues, in your personal and/or professional life?

One of the best ways to change your life is with a practice of daily affirmations.

More than just words you say to yourself to feel better, these Growth Farming Affirmations help to transform the way you see yourself so that your attitude, actions, and behaviors become more life-giving, fruitful, and abundant.

But just having a list of statements to make doesn’t serve your best interests. That’s why the Growth Farming method of personal development and transformation is presented here in this powerful ebook. You’ll understand the heart of the process and the steps to take to make what you want to have in your life, and the success you want to experience come into being.

Building on the insights, articles and videos found on the Growth Farming section of my site, this powerful ebook and audiobook recording puts those pieces of wisdom to work in your life to make transformation happen for you today!

Having personally used this method of affirmations and inner work to overcome life-long fears and issues with loss to gain peace and success, I’ve also incorporated everything you will read here into the coaching and consulting work I do with my private clients.

Consider this an entry-point to your own personal development and growth, as well as action-steps to take for the most fruitful results in your personal and professional life.


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