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The BIGGEST Lesson From Coronavirus So Far

Wow…..there’s a lesson you can learn everyday. Especially during a global pandemic. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. It’s beyond mind-boggling. In my meditation times each day, I’m reminded that every day is an opportunity to learn. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. ESPECIALLY THE EFFING DIFFICULT STUFF!!!! I …


Why Quality Time Is Everyone’s Love Language During COVID-19

We’re all practicing a new love language, whether you realize it or not. Quality Time is now front and center for all of us during COVID-19 because we’re in a place where that’s inevitable. Do you know what your top Love Language is? If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s powerful book, The Five Love Languages, …

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3 Ways To Remove Fear From Your Mindset During The Quarantine

You need help with keeping fear from your mindset. Fear is a struggle for everyone. It’s a part of the human story. Now is an especially difficult time to deal with fear and worry. How is fear messing with your mindset during the coronavirus quarantine? Is the fear you’re struggling with work and job related? Were …

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The Key To Survival Against Coronavirus Isn’t Medical

Forgive me for being blunt, but this whole Coronavirus thing is JACKED up! You can replace “Jacked” with another word that’s more descriptive and disruptive. Still, the key to survival against coronavirus isn’t medical. Yet it’s entirely in your control. Has the mayor of your city or town closed the doors on people leaving their home? …

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In Order To Grow You Must Slay The Lion

When something seems small and insignificant, it can be put off to tomorrow. Or so we tend to think. However, procrastination is a symptom of a larger problem. The real problem is avoidance and lying to yourself. Not dealing with the challenge in front of you can lead to giant obstacles down the road. In …

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5 Ways That Challenges Fuel Your Best Life

What’s the real secret to personal growth into living your best life? Is it a matter of chance or something more? Few people seek out difficulties and challenges when they want to grow. Do you? I don’t, to be honest. Yet I’ve found that it’s in the intensity and difficulty that trials bring where the …

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Cultivating Peace Of Mind Is A Practiced Art

Your heart and mind are a garden. What you plant, cultivate and sow into yourself through your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings is what you’ll produce through your life via your attitudes, actions and behaviors. Put love inside of you. Grow Love. All good things come into being and you live a fulfilled, whole life. It’s …

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Best Books Read In 2019 (Reading List Must-Haves)

I usually read several books each year but last year I didn’t. I stuck with only 5 books for the whole year. Which is what makes each of them the best books read in 2019. There are a few reasons for only reading a few books, which I’ll mention briefly. 2019 Completed A Vision & …

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How To Grow When Friends Hold You Back

We spend our youth and adulthood finding our people. Or trying to. It’s our desire to have people in our lives who push us to our best. This is how you level up and become the best version of yourself. But is it possible to grow if those same friends hold you back? **Just a …

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Embracing Your Be Is The Key To Happiness

Who you are is more than your career. You are more than the roles you serve in, such as being a parent or a student or your role in your job. What you DO is different than who you are. Yet our culture and society has conditioned you to see yourself separate from the LOVE …