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My 2020 Reading List-Must Reads For You To Add

When I started this year, I didn’t fully expect I’d read as much as I have. But my reading list for 2020 has been massive. Subsequently, it’s been a year of superpowered growth, both personally and professionally. Here is my 2020 reading list with book recommendations for you and your reading list. In light of …

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Be First In Creating Harmony In Relationships

Harmony is when currents come together in synchronicity and togetherness. This is oneness. Which is why harmony is such an important part of music. And why you can hear when something is not harmonious.  It just doesn’t sound right. Our feelings are similar in this way.  When you don’t feel harmonious in a relationship, it’s …

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True Love Is Not The Relationship You Believe It Is

In our True Love relationship, we imagine that we’re bound and bonded to each other in this powerful and fixed way. We think it’s fixed in a way where nothing can change us. But it turns out that True Love is not the relationship you believe it is. It’s a connection that transcends all our …


Self-Care Tips: How to Take Care Of Yourself in 2020

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels People take on many roles throughout their lives– as parents, spouses, best friends, bosses, employees, and more. Each time we step into our roles, we give our energy, time, and just a little bit of ourselves. Simple things like helping the kids with their homework, listening to your significant-other talk …

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The BIGGEST Lesson From Coronavirus So Far

Wow…..there’s a lesson you can learn everyday. Especially during a global pandemic. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. It’s beyond mind-boggling. In my meditation times each day, I’m reminded that every day is an opportunity to learn. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. ESPECIALLY THE EFFING DIFFICULT STUFF!!!! I …


Why Quality Time Is Everyone’s Love Language During COVID-19

We’re all practicing a new love language, whether you realize it or not. Quality Time is now front and center for all of us during COVID-19 because we’re in a place where that’s inevitable. Do you know what your top Love Language is? If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s powerful book, The Five Love Languages, …

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3 Ways To Remove Fear From Your Mindset During The Quarantine

You need help with keeping fear from your mindset. Fear is a struggle for everyone. It’s a part of the human story. Now is an especially difficult time to deal with fear and worry. How is fear messing with your mindset during the coronavirus quarantine? Is the fear you’re struggling with work and job related? Were …

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The Key To Survival Against Coronavirus Isn’t Medical

Forgive me for being blunt, but this whole Coronavirus thing is JACKED up! You can replace “Jacked” with another word that’s more descriptive and disruptive. Still, the key to survival against coronavirus isn’t medical. Yet it’s entirely in your control. Has the mayor of your city or town closed the doors on people leaving their home? …