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Essential Growth Farming Toolkit Part 3-Affirmations

Today we’re going to explore another fundamental element to completely changing your life for the better: the power of afirmations. I’ve been sharing some of my special sauce with you over the past few blog articles. So far we’ve taken a deeper look at journaling and meditation as parts of the essential Growth Farming toolkit …

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Essential Growth Farming Tool Kit Part 2- Meditation

We’re going to talk about meditation, why it’s essential to living your best life, and how to use it daily to have everything. Yep, everything such as inner peace, clarity, healing, connection with God, and more. Last time I shared with you the power of journaling to completely transform your life. It’s a part of …

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The Essential Growth Farming Tool Kit: Journaling

Are you using the power of journaling to grow into the best version of you? It’s one of the most essential tools for personal growth. For the next little bit I’m going to share with you the essential Growth Farming tool kit tool that completely transforms your life. These are the exact tools I’ve used …

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Love & Relationship Tip: Use Kindness Instead Of “Niceness”

The phrase “Nice guys finish last” is 1000% true. This is why it’s such a struggle for sensitive and caring people to operate out of kindness. When you don’t fully understand what Kindness is, you’re likely to get stepped on. Wait, hold on dude. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be nice to people? You’re …

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How To Be First In Initiating Growth In Your Life

You have to create your own openings to succeed. From relationships to business, you have to be first in initiating growth and change in your life. One thing that used to make people really stand out to me was the degree of initiative they showed. When I ran a public radio station years ago, I …